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Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1375

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet's son Jack is about to take his first flight, and it requires a passport. How exciting!

The latest on travel ban: Four government subsidized airlines flying from the middle east cannot bring electronic devices, other than a phone, in the cabin. All other gear must be checked when flying into the United States because of concerns of terrorism. Delta, American and United, on the other hand, aren't subject to this ban. Johnny Jet says business travelers like himself get their work done on those long flights, so the ban is going to be problematic.

Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1370

Johnny Jet

App of the week - ZocDoc. When you need a doctor, this app can find you one anywhere in the US and let you know if they take your insurance. You can even make an appointment through the app.

Site of the week - On the Snow. If you love skiing, this is the site for you. Sign up for the powder alert newsletter, see snow totals, and see webcams.

Travel Tip of the week - Keep a photocopy and a scan of your passport. You can keep it up on Evernote.

Johnny Jet - Traveling like a movie star

Episode 1369

This week's website .... Award Hacker. It let's you figure out how to use frequent flyer miles, and what programs work best.

This week's app ... Memrise. How to learn a language while you're playing a game. iOS and Android. Learn five new words a day.

Travel Tip of the week - If there's a weather issue like a snowstorm or volcano, and you can't get through to your airline call center, jump on skype and call the international number. You'll likely be put right through.

Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1364

Johnny Jet

Travel Deal of the Week: Singapore Airlines is offering round trip from LA to Tokyo for $1900 business class. Hong Kong $592 Coach.

Site of the week: Human trafficking has become a serious issue around the world, with over 24 million living in slavery worldwide. So airlines are starting to train their staff to look for tell tale signs that human trafficking is using airlines to transport children for human trafficking. Check out this website - AirlineAMB.Org.