Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1535

Photo Expo is in town, and Fuji sent a press release to Dick that its new instant print camera can do video. When Dick got there, Fuji told him the press release was a little over the top. It has a new instant camera that shoots 15 seconds of video that you can view and save to the SD card, but you obviously can't print it. You can use a jog dial on it to print the best still frame from the video. This new camera is called the Instax Square SQ20 and it was released on October 20, and Amazon will have it starting in November.

Chris Marquardt

Episode 996

Chris is back to bust another myth. This week, it's that profiling your screen will make your prints perfectly match. Profiling is way to adjust your screen so the colors are true. But the print is reflective, not transparent. So it's not a light box and as such, it looks fundamentally different. It'll also look different in different lighting conditions. Also, the print needs to dry over time and the color will change as it does. The best light to look at your print is in daylight. That gives you the most accurate indication of how the print will look.

What's the best way to scan in a large number of photos and share them online?

Episode 873

Lucy from Los Angeles, CA

Leo suggests using a service called ScanCafe for this instead of scanning them all in individually. For just 22 cents per image, ScanCafe will clean up the photos, correct them, remove dust and burn the digital copies to DVD. They will convert video tapes to a digital format as well. They even have a "shoebox" option, where they'll take as many photos you can fit in a shoebox for a flat rate.