photo editing

What is the best photo editing software?

Apple iMac

Episode 1530

Sam from West Covina, CA

Sam just got an iMac and wants to know what's the best software for editing photos. Leo says the best bet is to subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud for Photographers. For $10 a month, he'll get full versions of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. It's a great deal. Lightroom is the standard. Sam should also check out Apple Photos. It's a great way to start out. Leo also recommends Skylum (formerly MacFun) Luminar, which is $59.

What Chromebook should I buy my wife?

Dell Chromebook 13

Episode 1347

Terry from Amarillo, TX

Terry is looking to get his wife a laptop for Christmas, and he's thinking about a Chromebook since she tends to get in trouble online. Can she do photo editing with a Chromebook? Leo says she can, as there are online photo editors and plugins for Google Chrome. Google Photos is the best with basic photo tools and filters. There's also Polarr Photo Editor, an extension to Chrome. It's like Photoshop for Chrome.

Should I buy a 5K iMac for digital photography?

Apple iMac

Episode 1199

Todd from Inglewood, CA

Todd would like to keep shooting photos on film, but he's having trouble finding labs that can provide quality prints. So he's forced himself to learn digital photography. Leo says the good thing about digital photography is that he can self edit on the fly and keep what works and what doesn't. Then he can print them.

Todd is also looking for a new Mac. Should he go with the Mac Pro? Leo says no. Leo thinks that the Mac Pro is filled with problems. He went around and bought a 5K iMac and says it's ideal for editing and showcasing photography, thanks to that 5K Retina screen.

What's a good free photo management utility?


Episode 1146

Jim from Tallahassee, FL

Jim has a huge quantity of photos and he wants to organize them once they're scanned in. Leo says he can use Picasa to organize the photos. It supports PicasaWeb with privacy settings, sharing options, and thumbnail images. Google keeps it up to date, too. The organization he gives them will have actual folders on his hard drive. So if he uninstalls the program, the structure of the folders remains the same. And the best part is, it's free.

Chris Marquardt

Chris Marquardt

Episode 1140

Chris went to Ethopia for a few weeks and he says that it was an amazing and colorful place. A lot of green, diverse, and rich color. It was a photographer's paradise. Quite an amazing experience. Chris brought a laptop with him and disciplined himself to go through all the images at the end of every day and color correct for the ones he's kept. He also made sure he got up before dawn to capture some great sunrise photos.

Check out his images here -

Can I use a tablet for photo editing?

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Episode 1108

David from Irvine, CA

David wants to replace his desktop and do all of his photo and video editing on a tablet. Leo says that the iPad with Lightroom is a great solution as long as he has Creative Cloud on the desktop. He can do some basic editing on the iPad, and then it'll sync the changes he makes to the desktop. That's what Leo does. If he wants to completely replace his desktop, then the Windows Surface Pro 3 is a great option. He'll want the i7 processor for it, though. And he should make sure to get the keyboard.