Is my router safe?

Episode 1500

Heidi from Santa Monica, CA
Netgear Nighthawk AC2300

Heidi is worried about the Russian VPN Filter hack. She bought a Netgear router to replace it. Is she safe? Leo says that some Netgear models aren't protected, but if she installs the latest firmware, she should be OK, and NetGear does update routers automatically.

Do I need a new router?

Episode 1445

Dave from Big Bear, CA
Netgear R7000P

Dave gets slowed down online when his son gets on the computer. He can't do anything. Does he need a new router? Leo says that's likely the case since Dave's router is about 8 years old. Leo says that sometimes the DSL modem needs to be replaced as well. So he should contact his ISP and ask them for a newer one. But definitely buy a new router, since they do wear out after a few years. Leo would recommend an 802.11AC version. It's better at managing bandwidth. Leo also likes mesh routers. They're a little more expensive, but they will give him great wireless coverage.

How can I update my iPhone without wireless?

Episode 1439

Howard from Mission Viejo, CA
Apple iPhone X

Howard just got an iPhone X and he had to restore his iPhone 4 data to it. Leo says the fastest way to do that is to plug it into iTunes, back it up, and then restore to his new phone. It should take about 5 to 10 minutes. But his problem is that his network is wired and he can't get updates because it's Wi-Fi only. Is that true? Leo says not really. He can connect to iTunes, download the updates, and install them.

How can I extend my Wi-Fi signal?

Kimberly from Los Angeles, CA

Episode 1076

Kimberly got a modem and router from her internet service provider, but the Wi-Fi isn't reaching to her bedroom which is 100 feet away. Leo says that's quite a distance and it sounds like Kim is at the edge of her Wi-Fi range. She could get an extender, but Leo advises using one that is the same manufacturer as her Wi-Fi router. Another option is to use the cable box router as just a modem and then get her own router and repeater. Leo suggests Netgear.

What Network Attached Storage do you recommend? (Part 2)

Episode 936

Judy from San Jose, CA
Netgear ReadyNAS

Many routers now will allow her to plug in a large hard drive to the router using USB, making that storage available to the network.

Leo says if she wants to use RAID 5 to make sure the data is redundant and protected, then he recommends NetGear's ReadyNAS or Synology. She'll need to get a 4 or more drive array to run RAID 5.

What Wi-Fi router would you recommend? (Part 1)

Judy from San Jose, CA

Episode 936

Leo says an 802.11n router would be good. If she has DSL now, she probably has a router already, but the question is does she have a Wi-Fi enabled one? Usually the router that comes with broadband is pretty basic. Leo says that Wi-Fi routers are a commodity now and there's not much difference from one to the other. That being said, Leo likes D-Link and NetGear. He's not so fond of Linksys. If money is no option, the Apple Aiport Extreme is the best.