What's a good Bluetooth keyboard for my iPad 1 and iPad 2?

Apple Bluetooth Keyboard

Episode 1153

Dan from Huntington Beach, CA

Dan wants a keyboard for his iPad. What one would be best? Leo says that any bluetooth keyboard will work with the iPad. Many companies make keyboard cases, such as Logitech. But Apple's own bluetooth keyboard is excellent for a standard bluetooth keyboard. Caller Rob likes the KeyFolio Pro 2.

Another option is a foldable Bluetooth keyboard, like the iLepo on Amazon.

Is the Harmony remote a good option for making home theater systems simple?

Logitech Harmony 650 Remote

Episode 1152

Paul from Lake Forest, CA

Paul got his mother a Harmony remote to make using her TV system easier to use. Leo says he'll want to be sure he sets it up right. That's the complicated part. Logitech has an online database that will allow him to connect it to the internet program it. He can also program custom buttons for his favorite shows, so Paul's mother could just press one button and everything would turn on as it should.

Should I replace my laptop with an iPad?

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard

Episode 1022

Richard from Tuscon, AZ

Richard's wife is considering replacing her laptop with an iPad. Would that be a good idea? Leo says it largely depends. If it's just surfing the web, getting email, and doing casual gaming, it's ideal. For 90% of users, it's the right choice. However, she's not going to write the great American novel on it. Then again, she can use a portable keyboard with it.

Why can't I get my webcam and blu-ray player to work on my home-built computer?

Episode 997

Bruce from Hisperia, CA

Bruce built his own Windows 8 rig recently. Leo says SSD drives would be great because Bruce doesn't have to wait for the drive to hunt and search for files. Bruce installed a RAM drive, something that Leo hasn't seen in awhile. RAM drives will always be fastest because it uses RAM to run the directory. Sounds like a machine that's as fast as he can get except that a RAM drive does have to push out the files and save them to the drive before shutting down. Bruce can always up the speed later with a GPU driven video card.

Is there a universal remote control to eliminate having several remotes?

Episode 979

Jim from Newport Beach, CA

Jim wants to get one universal remote so he can eliminate the need for having three different remotes. Leo says Logitech makes a programmable universal remote called the Harmony Ultimate which is around $350. It has additional benefits such as a big LCD screen on it, and it's very easy to program.