Where can I buy parts for my MacBook Air?

Apple MacBook Air

Episode 1525

Rico from Cerritos, CA

Rico is trying to replace the cracked LCD screen on his MacBook Air. He's having issues with the LCD layers underneath the glass. Where can he buy a replacement part for that? Rich says that Rico should go to iFixIt. They not only will show him how to fix issues like that, but they also offer the parts and tools to do it.

Another option is to buy a broken MacBook Air for parts. He can check OWC at MacSales.com. They have parts as well, but mostly for upgrades.

Can I replace my laptop's trackpad?

Episode 1468

Joe from Covina, CA

Joe is using an old Windows 7 laptop but his trackpad is having issues. Leo says that trackpads do wear out over time and that laptop is nearly ten years old. But iFixit.com may be a good source on how to replace the trackpad. It's not that big of a deal. Joe should also check HP forums. If HP has stopped supporting his device, the forums may be a great place to get help from other users who have been going through similar problems.

How can I fix my laptop screen?

Episode 1238

Romano from New Jersey

When Romano turns on his laptop, he can't see anything. The screen is black. Leo says that if Romano can still barely see an image, that means that the backlight has burned out. Older laptops used a florescent backlight and they can die over time. The down side is that by the time it burns out, the laptop is usually so old that it's not worth spending the money to fix. But Romano's laptop is only three years old. If it's not the backlight, it could be the inverter. One place to look for fixing stuff is iFixit.com.

How can I replace the LCD screen on my laptop?

Episode 1009

Ed from Hollywood, CA

Ed needs to replace his LCD screen on his laptop. Leo says that in most cases, it isn't hard to replace it. He just needs to find the part. It has to be easy to open and connect to the motherboard via the ribbon cable. If it's soldered in, that's a bit harder. Leo suggests iFixIt.com. They have great repair guides and and parts. He can also check on YouTube. The Chatroom says to make sure the screen is actually the problem. Plug in an external screen to verify before going through with the repair.