Why can't I FaceTime with my iPad?

Apple iPad

Episode 1441

Alice from California

Alice is having an issue with her iPad going crazy during FaceTime. Leo says that the iPad could be overheating. She gets crazy colors and the video goes bad. If she exits out of FaceTime, however, it works fine. Leo says it may not be Alice's iPad. It may be her daughter's iPad that's having a hardware issue. It sounds like her device has a defective camera. Alice should have her call someone else with FaceTime to see if she can replicate the issue. She can even do that herself just to be sure. Then she'll need to bring it into the Apple Store and have a genius take a look at it.

Why can't I use my FaceTime camera?

Apple iMac

Episode 1238

Blue from Vista, CA

Blue became an official Apple developer to test the prerelease software on his iMac of El Capitan. Then he did a clean install of El Capitan once it went live and now he's having issues with his FaceTime camera. He's reset the PRAM, done a full restore, the works. He even tried to kill the VCD Assistant, which worked briefly. Leo says that the Facetime camera may have been take over. Here's an Apple discussion thread on how to solve it.

What phone should I buy my mom?

Apple iPhone 6

Episode 1189

Alex from Sacramento, CA

Alex is trying to decide that smartphone to get his mother. He'd like to be able to video chat with her. Leo says that while he likes Android, the iPhone is really good because of FaceTime. What about battery life? Leo says he gets through the entire day with ease. But it really comes down to how good the signal is. If the phone is constantly looking for a signal, that can kill the phone in a half a day. But if he's in a good area, then the phone doesn't have to work as hard and that translates to hours more battery life.

Patent Troll Wins Case Against Apple Over FaceTime

Episode 1090

A Patent Troll company, VimetX sued Apple over FaceTime and VPN On Demand functions in Texas. The jury ruled in their favor, and a judge ordered a $368 million payout and 1% annual royalty which will amount to $340 million annually. Apple has been fighting it, but they haven't been successful. Apple is going to keep fighting, but they've also lost on appeal.