What scanner should I get?

Epson Perfection V600 Photo Scanner

Episode 1071

Mike from Portland, OR

Mike bought a new computer and now he needs to get a new scanner because his old one isn't supported in Windows 8. He doesn't want to spend a lot of money. Leo suggests Epson scanners. They're great and they're what he uses. They have several different models with various features, so he'll want to select the one that does what Mike needs.

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What do I need to build a backyard movie theater?

Episode 1000

Penny from Sacramento, CA

Penny is building a backyard home theater to watch movies drive-in style. Leo says that's great! She'll need three things - a screen, speakers and a projector.

They make inflatable screens, but they're a hassle to use and expensive. Getting a hard screen is just as good. Penny will need a powerful projector that can handle the "throw" of a 16'x9' screen. Epson makes some good ones both home and pro. It depends on how bright she wants it.

What advice do you have in buying a computer and printer?

Lenovo IdeaPad

Episode 984

LaVerne from Florida

LaVerne is ready to buy a new computer and printer and would like to know what Leo recommends. Leo says that if Laverne wants a laptop, then she should wait a few months until the new Haswell processors come out. Battery life will be doubled once that happens. She'll want to look for a 4th generation, Intel processor.

On desktops, there's really no need to wait and he recommends an i5 processor for most people. 4GB of RAM is the minimum, but no more than 8GB is really needed.

What's the best powerpoint projector?

Epson PowerLite Projector

Episode 983

Michael from Laurel, MD

Michael is a hypnotist who needs a good video projector for a conference he's speaking at. He wants to know what would work with both laptops and tablets. Leo says that Epson is one of his favorites. Michael will also need an MHL adapter to move from the tablet to the projector. Michael needs to be mindful of the projector's "throw," or how far it can project. Then there's the Lumens (the brightness). The darker the room the better. Epson has a projector finder which helps to find a projector based on information about the room. Avoid PICO projectors.