Why did I lose my audio after restoring Windows on my Acer Aspire One?

Episode 963

Dana from Georgia

Dana has an Acer Aspire One netbook and when he restored the OS, he lost his sound drivers. Leo says to run Windows update. If that doesn't do it, then he can go to Acer's support site and get the drivers from there. The Windows update should fix it, though. The chatroom says another option is to use Linux Mint.

How do I get out of Safe Mode?

Episode 959

John from Downey, CA

John's computer is booting up in Safe Mode. Leo says it's likely a driver issue which is causing Windows to boot up in the most basic configuration possible. It's probably either a corrupted or wrong driver for the monitor. Leo advises going into device manager and deleting the monitor and video card (making a note of what kind of card he has) and then rebooting so Windows can acquire the right drivers. Do *not* delete the VGA driver!

Why won't my mouse double-click?

Episode 956

Mike from Pacific Palisades, CA

It could be clicking speeds in Windows though, so he should first check in the Windows mouse settings. Leo also suggests getting a cheap wired mouse to see if that works. Then he'll know if it's a hardware issue. If it's not hardware, then he may need to update his mouse drivers, or reinstall them. Windows may have also broken the relationship with the mouse and that could be a registry issue. Leo says to log into safe mode and see if the mouse works there.

How can I get FireWire to work in Windows 8?

Episode 953

David from Cambria, CA

David upgraded to Windows 8, but he's lost his firewire connection as a result. Leo says that upgrading an old PC to Windows 8 usually isn't recommended, but it sounds like David needs to get a firewire driver from the motherboard manufacturer. There's no indication that Windows 8 doesn't support it. He just would need the driver. Leo also says that doing a clean install wiped out all the older drivers, this is one case where an upgrade may have been the better move.

Can I replace a failed motherboard in my desktop computer?

Episode 948

Michael from Tejunga, CA

Leo says most of his trouble will be with Windows Genuine Advantage, which will think he's installing it on a new computer. He'll have to call Microsoft and let them know he's changed the motherboard. He should also make sure he gets all the drivers he needs before he installs the new motherboard. Then he will install them immediately after booting into safe mode in Windows.

How can I get an old program to work with Windows 7?

Episode 942

George from California

George has an old program called PrintMaster Gold and since he upgraded to Windows 7, it won't work because of driver issues. Leo says that George could try right-clicking on the icon and selecting "compatibility mode," which will run the program under a virtual XP configuration.

There is a version called PrintMaster 2012 Platinum. Buying the recent version will probably be the simplest solution.

How can I enable bluetooth on my HP Pavilion laptop?

Episode 934

Don from Aurora, CO

Leo says that while most laptops should have Bluetooth, it's possible that the Pavilion doesn't have it. In fact, the Chatroom says that their DV7s don't have it. There is a switch on the laptop that disables the radios, so it may be that the laptop switch is just disabled.

Go into the device manager and see if it has Bluetooth built in. Here's a technote that may help.

Why is my computer running so slow after reinstalling Windows?

Episode 894

Chris from Virginia

Chris had a trojan on his computer, and had to reinstall Windows. Leo thinks that's the only way to be sure he's free and clear of any viruses or anything. Chris says his computer is running slow since reinstalling, though. Leo says his computer should run faster after a reinstall. He should make sure all of the updates are done. The chatroom suggests that his PC doesn't have the official hardware drivers, and is just using the generic ones from Windows. It's always a good idea after reinstalling Windows to get drivers from the manufacturer's website for anything they offer.

Why won't Windows 7 install the driver for my graphics card?

Windows 7

Episode 888

Tony from Yorba Linda, CA

Tony had his hard drive replaced, and the place that did it upgraded him from Windows XP to Windows 7. Now Windows 7 won't let him install the driver for his video card.

First he should check to see if that's a licensed copy of Windows. Leo thinks the place that installed it gave him a pirated version of Windows. His repair would have costed more than $150 if he also bought a copy of Windows. If it isn't a licensed copy, it might ask for a serial number after 30 days and then he'd be out of luck.

Why can't I get my computer to recognize my Belkin NIC card?

Episode 880

Elias from Whittier, CA

Since the USB port on Elias's computer works for other devices, and the Belkin NIC (Network Interface Controller) card works on other computers, Leo thinks his problem is with drivers. When installing devices via USB, it's important to not plug the device in until the drivers have been installed. Elias did this correctly, though. Belkin support suggested that it could be a firewall preventing the card from accessing the internet, but Leo doesn't think this is likely. Elias should make sure he has all of the latest drivers for the correct model.