Peter Krogh, The DAM Book

Episode 1037

Peter Krogh joins Leo in studio to talk about his new book, "Organizing Your Photos." Peter received acclaim by his first book "The DAM Book - Digital Asset Management." You can also learn more from his website dpbestflow.org. He got into it when the Library of Congress became concerned that digital photography would end up with a lost generation of images if people didn't learn to backup.

What's the best method for backing up my photos?

Synology NAS

Episode 1009

Scott from Seattle, WA

Scott would like to backup the 50GB of photos he has. He has an off site backup option, but he'd also like to backup to other computers. Leo recommends DPBestFlow.org and its 3-2-1 philosophy. Three copies, on two different mediums, one off site. Online backup would take forever to upload 50-GB of data, so Leo recommends using a local backup option on a centralized network attached storage. He can buy an NAS or build one yourself.