Chris Marquardt

Chris Marquardt ... chipping away

Episode 1550

Chris wants to talk about how good smartphone cameras are getting. So much so that many people have simply stopped using DSLRs and personal cameras. There are three areas that smartphones are chipping away at. 1) HDR. Smartphones can now create automatic HDR, which makes it easier to get a better image with dynamic range. This is called computational photography, and it's all done by default and automatically. 2) Depth of field. Smartphones can now do "portrait modes," which creates an emulated, and adjustable depth of field, thanks to it's second (or third) camera.

Chris Marquardt ... Geotagged

Episode 1548

Chris says that a recent trend in photography is to be a professional instagram photographer. Chris also says that Instagram tends to cause people to go to the same locations they see on it. Some of those natural landmarks are actually starting to show wear and tear as a result. Or you get there and it's over crowded. It's largely due to Location Tags. And Jackson Hole, Wyoming is launching a campaign to discourage using location tags. There's also a thing called post the photo, trash the location, so people won't come.

Chris Marquardt on Photography

Chris Marquardt

Episode 1538

Chris says that Kodak has reengineered Kodak Ektachrome to make it safer to develop and they are selling it again. They are also working on a Super 8 camera with Digital Preview. Chris says he'd beware of Kodak digital products, but the film is the best.

Chris also has some tips when traveling to the desert with cameras. Bring a backup body if you can. You should also bring canned air or a blower to clean off the sensor or lens itself. A microfiber cloth is also good for the lens. Lastly, when you get back, have your camera cleaned (called CLA clean, lube and adjust).

Is there a good source for mobile photography?

Episode 1535

Richard from Sonoma, CA

Richard wants to know if there's a good podcast on iPhone photography. Leo says that Chris Marquardt has a podcast called The Future of Photography which discusses how mobile photography is evolving and using computational photography to close the gap with optical zoom lenses. Some mobile cameras are as good as micro 4/3s cameras, according to some experts. Another good resource is