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Apple Pay and iOS 8.1 Debuts Monday, But There's No Rush to Update

Episode 1128

credit cards

Apple Pay, the new payment system that uses iPhone 6 together with Touch ID in stores, will debut Monday. This could be a revolution in the way we buy things, and could replace the insecure "swipe and sign" method we use now with credit cards.

iOS 8.1 also will be available tomorrow, but Leo maintains that there's no hurry to download OS updates. It's a good idea to wait a few days to see what ends up getting broken in the new release. If there is something broken, wait a few more days until a fix comes out.

Have Tablets Run Their Course?

Episode 1128

Apple iPad Air 2

Leo says that tablets like the new iPads are so mature that there's really no need these days to upgrade. In fact, with the larger screens coming on smartphones, Leo says that the tablet has run its course and it won't be long before people stop buying them. The computer of the future, Leo says, is the large smartphone.

Apple's October 16 Event Was Strange, Leo Decides Not to Buy New iPad

Episode 1127

After what was a rather strange event, half was which was recap, Apple got to the new iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3. And while there are updates, Leo's decided to get off the merry go round and is not going to buy one. Pretty much only differences is that it's a bit more powerful, a little bit better camera, and Touch ID. But the big feature is ... that it's thinner. And Leo says he can't imagine that as a reason to turn in your old one and get a new one. He's perfectlyhappy with his iPad Mini with Retina. Doesn't feel pressure to upgrade.So he's not going to.

Google's New Phones Announced Day Before Apple's iPads

Episode 1127

Google announced a high end six inch phone! So large the code name was Shamu. Made by Motorola. Dual front facing speakers. Ultra HD screen. Highest res screens on the market. And it will compete directly with Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It'll also be run on Android 5.0, named Lollipop. Leo says that we're at the point where computers, tablets and phones are all mature and it's very hard to make giant leaps in features. But battery life will continue to improve.

What Could Apple's October 16 Event Invitation Mean?

Episode 1126

Apple Headquarters

Leo says that Apple's "It's Been Way Too Long" invitation for October 16th likely means that Apple is going to make a huge announcement for Apple TV. Not an actual TV set, but the small set top hockey puck, which Leo says has been long overdue for an upgrade. And with Apple's new "Home Kit," there could be home automation capability.

Leo Tests iPhone 6 and Moto X with T-Mobile in London

Episode 1124


In a no-holds-barred cage match of British proportions, Leo carried both the iPhone 6 and the Motorola Moto X to see how they worked in London. Since he was using T-Mobile, he got free 2G data roaming while there. And while it took a bit longer, it was data and it worked. Leo says that the Moto X has several improvements, but the iPhone 6 still has the best camera out there. Battery life is better on the iPhone 6, while he couldn't get through the day with the Moto X. But he still thinks iOS 8 has more to do to catch up with Android.

Why Microsoft Skipped Number 9 and Went Right to Windows 10

Episode 1124


In true Microsoft fashion, the follow up to Windows 8.1 is going to be called Windows 10. And there's a reason, which has to do with Windows 95! Apparently, it's the legacy code dating all the way back to Windows 95 which Microsoft is reluctant to break by abandoning it inside of the new OS.

Amazon Announces a New Fire (Kindle) Tablet for Kids

Episode 1122

The Amazon Fire Kid Tablet comes with a two year warranty with replacement if it breaks, no questions asked. And it has a cool bumper design. $149.

Amazon also has Kindle readers starting at $79. And the Kindle Voyage, for $289, offers 300 dpi eink display. That's like paper. It'll be out for Christmas.

A Bad Week for Apple in Spite of Record Sales

Episode 1121

Apple Campus

In spite of announcing the sale of over 10 million iPhone 6 and 6 Plus smartphones within the first two days, Apple experienced a bad week this week as the update to iOS 8.0.1 ended up breaking iPhones by prohibiting users from making phone calls, getting data, or using Touch ID. Within a few hours, Apple yanked the update, but it left an untold number of users with a bricked new iPhone. Leo wonders if they even bothered to test the update. Apple has since released iOS 8.0.2.