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Blackberry Releases Android Phone

Episode 1242

BlackBerry Priv

Blackberry is releasing the new BlackBerry Priv, which will run Android and have a slide down keyboard that BlackBerry fans have come to know and love. Leo says that while this could indicate a renaissance for BlackBerry, he isn't holding out much hope that it will save the company long term.

Black Friday Goes Global

Episode 1241

Leo says that he's seen stories about Black Friday fights breaking out around the globe, chiefly in Great Britain, as people fight over low priced deals on last year's stuff. But don't forget, Cyber Monday is coming. Did you get a great deal yesterday? Here's one ... Amazon is offering unlimited cloud storage for a year for $5.

Windows Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Episode 1240

Thirty years ago this week, Microsoft introduced Windows 1.0, the successor to MS DOS. Leo says that when it was launched, Apple had a 10 year lead on Microsoft, but within a few years, that lead had evaporated. Now, Leo says that Windows 10 and OS X are practically identical with similar basic functions. Windows 1 took two floppy disks to install and took 256KB of RAM.

LG Shelves Its Latest Urbane Smartwatch

Episode 1240

A week before it's scheduled launch, LG has shelved indefinitely the latest version of its Urbane smartwatch. Leo says that technological issues are the cause of the delay, which may end up canceling the line. But the chatroom has been hearing about legal issues which may have derailed LGs smartwatch plans.

RDIO to Shut Down, Transition to Ad Supported Music

Episode 1239

The subscription music streaming service RDIO has run out of money is shutting down, effective November 23rd. Pandora will buy RDIOs intellectual property. Leo says this is a harbinger of what's to come, and he expects that free services aren't really going to last and that it's only a matter of time before Spotify and Pandora will follow and close down. Eventually, we'll end up with just four music services, all run by Google, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft, which really don't need to make money through the service.

First Impressions of Apple's iPad Pro

Episode 1237

Leo picked up the iPad Pro yesterday, and serendipitously, the Apple store was out of the iPad keyboard. So he picked up the Logitech Create keyboard and he likes it far better. Leo likes it because it has dedicated iOS keys, a backlit keyboard, and doesn't need to be charged because it magnetically connects to the iPad's power. But he's not really sure you're going to want it because it makes the iPad Pro 3 pounds! Leo wonders why Apple didn't just make the MacBook Pro a touch screen. But if you want the ability to turn your tablet into a 13" laptop, this is definitely the way to go.

New York Times Puts Out 'Virtual Reality' Edition

Episode 1236

Partnering with Google, the NY Times has put out a virtual reality edition with a custom Google Cardboard viewer and app. Leo says that while this may be the future of news, he's not sure he wants to be immersed in a news report, especially one that's coming from war torn areas of the world.

HP Splits into Two Companies

Episode 1234

HP sign

HP has split off into two separate companies. HP Ink will handle the consumables like printers and ink, and HP Enterprises will handle the business side of things with Enterprise applications.

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