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Microsoft Launches Windows 10: Should You Install it Right Away?

Episode 1207

On July 29th, Microsoft launched Windows 10 (Threshold) and so far, Leo likes it, a lot. However, Leo says users shouldn't be in a rush to upgrade because it was launched early, and there will be another more polished version coming out in the Fall. So if you're not in a rush to upgrade, don't. Added features include a replacement for Internet Explorer called "Edge," and it's not really ready for prime time just yet, as some plugins like Last Pass don't work. So Microsoft also added Internet Explorer to continue to use. Ugh. Edge though, will be more done in the fall.

Windows 10 Privacy Warnings Are No Big Deal

Episode 1207

After reading the end user licensing agreement last night, Leo has amended his comments from yesterday and said it's nothing new than what Microsoft has done with any other version of Windows and that users shouldn't be concerned that Microsoft is stealing their data or ratting them out to anyone. Leo's been using WIndows 10 on several different platforms and he's quite pleased with the changes, the improvements and the return of the Start Button. And while he still believes users shouldn't be in a hurry to upgrade, it's not a big deal if they do.

12,000 Word EULA Portents Privacy Concerns with Windows 10

Episode 1207

Microsoft will access, disclose and preserve personal data, even data in private folders, if they determine that it's required by either law enforcement, or other reasons. Leo says that means that Microsoft has a back door and can see anything you do on your computer whenever they want. But Leo also says they probably have no choice and often, they won't be able to warn us, so they're warning us up front. But the question is, WHY would they build that capability into Windows in the first place? Microsoft also "claims" it's for our own good.

Top Security Tips Prioritized by Regular Users Vs. the Experts

Episode 1205

A recent study done by Google on its security blog comparing the security practices of regular users versus the security experts. Regular users said antivirus topped their list of security priorities, followed by using strong passwords, changing passwords frequently, only visiting websites they know, and not sharing personal information.

Security experts' say installing software updates is the number 1 priority, followed by using unique passwords, use two-factor authentication where its available, use strong passwords, and use a password manager.

Apple Moves to Streaming Model as iTunes Sales Wane

Episode 1203

Apple Music

The reason why Apple is going to a subscription model as opposed to the iTunes music purchase model turns out to be due to waning sales. More people are listening to streaming music than are buying music and downloading it. So it makes sense that Apple would want to get into that business with a subscription service. It's why they bought Beats. And their $10 a month service is competitive as well.

Microsoft's Antivirus Software Now Removes the ASK Toolbar

Episode 1201

Calling it a "high threat to its computer security," Microsoft's antivirus software will now scan for and remove the ASK toolbar, should you get stuck with it. In other news, Yahoo has entered into an exclusive agreement with Oracle to make Yahoo the default browser for any computer that has Java installed. Leo calls that Malware since users are fooled into installing it. Even worse is that Java is a security flaw as well. Yahoo's CEO Melissa Meyer should know better.

Samsung Turns off Windows Update

Episode 1201

Last week, Samsung turned off Windows Update because they were unable to bring new drivers to the party. Leo says that is a horrible idea and that Samsung is causing serious security issues in doing that in their Windows machines.


Windows 10 Arrives July 29, Will Be Free for Windows 7 and Windows 8 Users

Episode 1198

Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 will be available on July 29. It will be a free upgrade for users of Windows 7 and Windows 8. They've also announced that if you're in the free Windows Insider program, you will get a copy of Windows for free as well. You can still get into the program at The Windows Insider program is Microsoft's way of testing Windows 10 on the desktop and Windows Mobile 10 for the smartphone.

US Government Subpoenas Website Over User Comments

Episode 1197

The US Government issued a subpoena to for the information on six commenters on an article about the Silk Road. The article was about the judge's harsh ruling on Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht. The government also issued a gag order that kept from disclosing anything about the situation. successfully had the gag order lifted with help from the US Attorney's Office.

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