This Week in Tech News

Apple refreshes MacBook Pro line for professionals

Episode 1505

Apple announced a 13" and 15" refresh of the MacBook Pro, starting at $1799 and $2399. Leo says that all the Macs released in the last few years have been aimed at professionals, and he believes that the consumer grade Mac is on the way out. Apple really wants consumers to buy iPads, rather than laptops of iMacs. So in the near future, you may have to pay thousands to get that MacBook or iMac. You can get them with an i9 processor and up to 4TB hard drive. So expect to pay around $7,000 to be able to edit your film on your laptop.

Malware Convinces You That Your Machine Is Frozen

Episode 1505

There's a hack on some websites that will make you think that your computer has frozen and you won't be able to get it back unless you call an 800 number and pay money. Leo says it's nonsense phishing scam. Control At Delete or Force Quit the browser. Everything will get back to normal.

Apple Finally Admits Sticky Butterfly Keyboard Problem

Episode 1499

Apple MacBook Pro

Apple has finally acknowledged the ongoing issues that MacBook and MacBook Pro users have been having with sticky keys on their butterfly keyboard design. Faced with three separate class action lawsuits, Apple will fix or replace the keyboards on 2015-2017 laptops for free. And if you've already paid for the repair, Leo says that Apple will give you a full refund. Leo also says there comes a time when you just have to admit the problem, fix it, and move on, and about half of MacBook and MacBook Pro users are experiencing the problem, so Apple should redesign it.

We Now Know How the FBI Cracked the iPhone

Episode 1499

Apple iPhone X

Researchers have figured out that if you connect your iPhone to a computer, you can keep doing a brute force password attack to unlock it and that it should take about a day to open it. Leo says that this is with a four digit passcode, and a six digit passcode is a lot harder to crack.

The Supreme Court has also ruled that law enforcement cannot get cell phone location data without a warrant. The decision said that day to day movement data on a mobile device provides an intimate look at someone's activities, even to the point of violating privacy without a warrant.

E3 Open to the Public This Year

Episode 1498

E3 Logo

Becoming mostly a preview of what's on the horizon for gamers, the annual E3 convention was this week, and it was open to the public. Leo says that mobile is really where it's at for gaming.

Judge Approves AT&T/Time Warner Merger, Opening the Floodgates

Episode 1498

AT&T Logo

A federal judge approved the merger of Time Warner and AT&T this week, opening the floodgates for even more large mega corporate mergers. Comcast moved almost instantly to provide a massive bid on 21st Century Fox, outbidding Disney by over 15%, setting off a huge bidding war. Leo says that the judge got it wrong and this represents a serious problem for consumers, even though customers like it because it saves them money in the short run.

No Hardware Expected at Apple's WWDC Keynote

Episode 1494

Tim Cook at WWDC

Monday June 4 is the keynote address to open Apple's annual Worldwide Developer's Conference, and while last year Apple announced several new hardware updates, the word on the street is that Apple will not be announcing any hardware this year. WWDC will likely be a software-centric event in 2018. It's too bad too, since Apple's laptops are in dire need of updating, especially the keyboards from last year's MacBook Pros. Leo says that they were awful and Apple is facing several class action lawsuits as a result.