This Week in Tech News

Microsoft Makes Windows 10 a "Recommended" Update

Episode 1260

Windows 10 update

Some people are up in arms over the fact that Microsoft has now made Windows 10 a "recommended" update instead of an "optional" one. This means it will automatically install on most Windows 7 and Windows 8 computers. While it is a good idea for most users to install Windows 10, there are plenty of users that still rely on software that is not yet compatible for the new operating system. Windows 10 remains a free upgrade until July 29.


Company Pops Up For Saving Money on Your Bills

Episode 1259

The New York Times has an interesting article about a company that has started, called BillFixers, which will act as your agent to cut your cable, internet, and other bills. They split the difference of the money they can save you, and that's how they get paid.

But Leo says there's plenty of ways to accomlish the same goals and keep all the savings for yourself.

Super Bowl 50 Coverage Will Not Disappoint

Episode 1258

Super Bowl 50 will have 75% more cameras than last year, and the cameras will be unusual. There will be the pylon cameras that have been used during the regular season this year. It gives you a worms-eye-view of action. It'll be shot with 5K cameras as well, but it won't be broadcast in 5K or even 4K. They also will be using 36 360 degree cameras, so they'll be able to look at a play from every angle. The pylon cameras themselves are even 2K, and that's the lowest resolution they're using.

The Verge: "Windows Phone Is Dead"

Episode 1257

Microsoft Lumia phone

Tom Warren wrote this week on The Verge that Windows Phone is dead after Microsoft reported its earnings. We have learned that Microsoft had sold 4.5 million Lumia devices in the past year, down from 10.5 million year over year. The worst news is that when you include Microsoft and Nokia together over the entire time they've been selling these Windows phones, they sold a total of 110 million. That seems like a lot, but compared to iOS and Android at the same time, they were selling 4.5 billion phones. When you look at the sudden drop year over year, it's gone down 57%.

Apple Had the Largest Quarter in History of American Finance

Episode 1257

Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

Apple's stock is down 18% despite a profit of 18.4 billion last quarter, which is more than 6.13 billion a month for the last 3 months on revenue of 75.9 billion. That makes their profit margin 40%. The stock market didn't like the news, however. The growth, which is the important thing to the stock market, is only 1% on the iPhone. The big growth last year and this quarter was Apple entering the Chinese market, but they have saturated the market and then can only sell another phone every few years. But in the last 90 days, there were 1 billion registered active users.

Facebook's Quarterly Earnings Surpass $5 Billion

Episode 1257

Facebook reported that it has surpassed $5 billion in quarterly earnings for the first time, which means Facebook has solved the problem challenging it for some time -- mobile ad sales. As Facebook moved more to a mobile focus, Facebook's stock was down on worries that Facebook would be able to figure out how to sell on mobile. Facebook saw a 51.7% jump in revenue. The profit was $1.5 billion and Facebook's stock did go up on that news.

FCC Proposes Plan to Unlock the Set-Top Box

Episode 1257

The FCC is considering a proposal that would make cable box rental fees a thing of the past. The plan would give third party manufacturers the right to build competing set-top boxes that users could simply purchase, rather than rent. This could cost the cable industry up to $20 billion a year in lost rental fees. The plan is similar to a plan that was placed on the telephone industry back in the 80s.

Microsoft Says It Can't Promise Windows 7 Will Work on New Hardware

Episode 1256

Microsoft said last week that it can't promise that Windows 7 will run on new hardware. So if you were to find a new PC with an Intel Skylake processor, you'll have to use Windows 10. This is an issue for people who want to continue running Windows 7. There is a considerable amount of work that Microsoft has to do on these new "System on a Chip" computers. They require drivers to be written for them so that they'll work with an operating system. So Microsoft is saying that it can't continue to write drivers for old operating systems on new hardware.