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Hacker Exploits All Browsers, Wins Cash and Prizes

Episode 1172

Backlit keyboard

In the latest "Pwn2Own" hacking competition, a Korean hacker was able to crack secured versions of all the latest browsers. He not only took home a quarter million dollars, but also the laptops that the browsers and operating systems were installed on. Leo says that all these hackers save up exploits all year long in order to Pwn2Own. And a lone security researcher was able to own IE11, Chrome, and Safari, and he took the whole thing. All the browsers were 64 bit too. This was the largest payout in the history of the competition.

The 'UPDATE' Protocol Explains How to Protect Yourself Online

Episode 1172

Leo had talked to Mark Goodman, the author of a book called "Future Crimes," who is a former LAPD officer that got roped into computer forensics early on. This book is a good look at where we stand right now in global security and what we can do about it. One of the reasons Leo wants to recommend the website,, is because there's a really good section of it called "The UPDATE Protocol." This echoes things Leo has said for a long time on the show, and it's all in one place.

Apple's New Notebook Has Users Up in Arms

Episode 1171

Apple MacBook

Because of it's new USB-C adapter working as the sole connector for both power and data, Apple fans are upset with the new MacBook. One reason people are upset is that to use anything else, you'd have to pay an additional $79 for a dongle.

Still, it offers a 9 hour battery life, 8GB RAM, and a 256GB SSD drive. But it's $1300, so it's not cheap. It's also lighter than a MacBook Air. Could the Air be not be long for this world? Leo says he likes the USB-C option and offers props to Apple for advancing the technology. But he's keeping his powder dry before he buys it.

Apple Watch Announcement Elicits Angry Reactions from Some

Episode 1170

Gold Apple Watch

Although the announcement of the Apple Watch wasn't really breaking news since they showed it off last year, the fact that it can cost as high as $17,000 has prompted many to take to the internet and share their outrage over what they view as a waste of money. Leo says that since most of the models are over $1,000 (the entry level model starts at $349), it does seem pricey.

Robin Thicke Loses Copyright Case to Marvin Gaye Estate

Episode 1170


Robin Thicke and Pharrel Williams lost a $7.3 million dollar copyright case this week to the estate of Marvin Gaye. They stated that the singers copied the 'feel' and 'vibe' of Gaye's hit "Got to Give it Up" with the Thicke hit "Blurred Lines." Critics state that the decision could be disastrous for the music industry.

Apple Announces Redesigned MacBook, with Only One Connector

Episode 1169

Apple MacBook

Apple announced a redesigned new MacBook on Monday March 9. It's just 13.1 millimeters thin, weighs 2 pounds, and has a 12 inch Retina display. It also has just one connector -- USB-C, which very well might be the future for all computers. That single connector can charge the MacBook, provides data transfer, and video output.

Meerkat Streaming App Takes Over SXSW

Episode 1169


Both Twitter and Foursquare became huge after debuting at SXSW in Austin, TX, and this year the popular app is Meerkat for iOS. This app allows you to stream live video instantly, and automatically tweets when you start streaming. Then people can comment on the live stream which also go to Twitter, and you can see everyone that's watching. The app has a "Snapchat" quality to it because the video can't be saved anywhere except the streamer's phone.

Apple Watch Pricing and Availability Will Be Revealed Monday

Episode 1168

Apple Watch

Apple's "Spring Forward" event is coming Monday at 10am, Pacific time, and we'll learn more about the pricing and availability of the Apple Watch. We already know that there will be six different varieties in two sizes -- 38mm for small wrists, 42mm for larger wrists. We don't know how much it'll end up costing, but the least expensive will be $349 and could cost up to $5,000 or more for the gold version.