Chris Marquardt and the Sun Myth

Episode 934 (1:24:29)

Chris wants to let everyone know that while a subject needs as much light as possible, the concept of making sure the light is behind you is an ancient one. Nowadays, lenses are better, have better reflective coating, and more sensitive censors. Lens flare is actually an artistic choice now, so having a little sun coming in from an angle can be beneficial. What's more important is the depth and texture of having the light somewhere other than on the camera. On the side, perhaps, or even from behind. That gives you great edge definition. Leo says that there's a great website called The Strobist, which shows how to use light in interesting ways. Like using a reflector, which will let you bounce light where you need it.

Don't forget our assignment of the month, 'Darkness'. Take a picture by, about or otherwise concerning the concept of "darkness," post it to flickr and tag for the Tech Guy Group and "darkness." You may have it featured on next month's photo segment!