How can I make a living at YouTube?

Episode 1569 (56:55)

Trochelle from North Carolina

Trochelle wants to become a YouTuber. Can she make a living at it? What camera should she use? Leo says that 99% of people don't make a living at YouTube, and nobody really knows the formula in how to do it, other than content being king. You have to find a niche and offer consistent and high-quality content. But will it be enough to pay the bills? Well, that's the question. Pick something you're nutty passionate about and do that. The camera for getting started is the MEVO. It's a 4K camera that you can control from a mobile device and stream live to youtube, facebook, periscope, and more. And because it's 4K, you can have more than one angle from the same image. But you also need lights and better sound.

Leo says that podcasting may be a better solution for TroChelle. Check out since it's free. It's easy to produce the podcast, and even take calls.