The Giz Wiz goes Nuts

Episode 1519

Nima Lets You Test Your Food Anytime, Anywhere. This device is great for people who need to avoid Gluten, and for those with a peanut allergy. (There is a different testing device for each one of those.) The device is called Nima Sensor. Here's info via the company: Science, in your pocket. Nima’s antibody-based chemistry was developed by MIT scientists to be faster, cheaper, and usable right at the dinner table. Nima is optimized to detect 20ppm of gluten, the FDA standard for gluten-free. A separate device due out late summer, early fall 2018 can test for the presence of peanuts in food. (Or Gluten is their other sensor.) Watch the company video to see how these units work. The Gluten Starter Kit is $289, which includes the Sensor device and 12 Gluten Test Capsules. The Peanut Start Kit is also $289 and includes 12 Peanut Test Capsules. Also check the company website blog which has lots of free information like a list of ballparks that don't sell peants, Gluten-free restaurants in various cities and other valuable listings.

Company video:

Company website: