Why can't I cast my phone's map app to my car's LCD screen?

Episode 1507 (39:59)

Richard (The Old Chef Guy) from California
Ford Fusion Energi

Richard bought a new 2015 Ford Fusion Energi car and he's trying to use his Google Pixel 2 with it. It's having issues showing up in the dash. Leo says that Android Auto is what many of the new cars use. His Ford with SYNC2 may not support that, however. The Pixel 2 has a Type-C port and he can use audio out. But Video may be an issue. It wouldn't be an unusual thing for the manufacturer to omit video from the Type-C connector.

Would he be able to hotspot the video to a Google Chromecast that has been installed in the car? Leo says he wouldn't be able to do maps with a Chromecast. A MiraCast dongle, however, could work.