Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1448 (2:12:47)

Dick DeBartolo

Dickie D got the ZipSnip. The multi-purpose 4V cordless ZipSnip cuts cardboard, rubber, plastic and more. It will even work great on a clamshell package, keeping hands and fingers out of harm’s way. The blade operates at 260 rpm (no load) and its maximum cutting thickness is ¼ in. The ergonomically designed cutter is constructed of high-impact nylon resin with a comfortable mold grip. The tool’s trigger is an integrated part of the handle with a top-mounted lock-out switch for added safety. The cutter has a built-in charging port that brings the tool to a full charge in five hours. An LED indicator on the tool’s body lights when the battery is fully charged. The lithium-ion battery can maintain a charge for several months. The self-sharpening blade is replaceable for about $5. Price? It was as low as $24.99 on Amazon. As of 12/16/17 it was $44.99! As of 12/16/17 best price was Home Depot at about $34.97.

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- Get the ZipSnip on Amazon

It's cheaper at Home Depot as of 12/16/17.

Company link: http://www.worx.com/