How can I transfer data from an old iPad to a new iPad?

Episode 1445 (1:52:29)

Barb from Rancho Mirage, CA
Apple iPad Pro

Barb wants to give her old iPad to her granddaughter. She wants to know how she can transfer her old data onto her new iPad and then wipe the old one. Leo says to connect her iPad to her computer and fire up iTunes. Then she can run the backup and sync utility (it should run automatically). Then, she'll check the iPad icon on iTunes and see when it's synced. She can also check encryption. That will encrypt everything including passwords. She'll just give it a master password, and then it'll backup the iPad.

Once done, she can wipe the iPad by going into the settings and choosing the complete reset. Then she can restore that backup to her new iPad. But she will have to re-download all fo her apps, audiobooks, music, etc.