What's a good replacement for an old MacBook Pro?

Episode 1384 (1:28:13)

Mike from Los Angeles, CA
Apple MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

Mike is a writer who uses an old 17" MacBook Pro and it's just running too loud and slow now. He needs to get a new laptop. Leo says the new crop of laptops are faster and quieter. The new MacBook Pro is a good option, but Leo loves the Microsoft Surface Book as well.

What about the touch bar in the MacBook Pro? Leo says he thought it was useless and even got in the way, so he returned his for the model that didn't have it. Are there some laptops without fans? Leo says maybe, but they will run hot. Leo also recommends the Thinkpad X1 Carbon and the HP Spectre.

Could a tablet be a viable alternative? Leo says that a tablet is a lot quieter, but Leo prefers 2-in-1 laptops like the ThinkPad Yoga.