Is my iPad wearing out?

Episode 1380 (12:57)

Michele from Sierra Madre, CA
Apple iPad

Michele is having issues with her iPad 2. The Wi-Fi is dropping out and her apps disappear and reappear. Is it wearing out? Leo says that what Michele is dealing with is a "Springboard crash." It may be corrupted. She should try to backup her iPad, which she should do regularly using iTunes. Once she's got it backed up, she should do a complete factory reset. It may even need to have a DFU reset.

Michele should go to YouTube and watch a video that will walk her through it. This will wipe the iPad completely and then she can reconnect to iTunes and put a new version of iOS on it. That should solve the problems. If that doesn't work, then Leo recommends getting a new iPad. It's $329 for the most affordable model. She may also get a deal with Apple's refurbished site.