How can I use Amazon Echo to read and send email?

Jim from Las Vegas, NV

Episode 1372 (1:31:32)

Amazon Echo

Jim is blind and he's been building up the capability of his Amazon Echo with more skills. He wants to be able to dictate and send email. Leo says that Amazon Echo can work with If This, Then That, and he can find out how to send email with it here. There's also this article by the Verge on how to do it.

Essentially, he'll use Amazon Echo to trigger If This Then That's recipe. First he'll enable the IFTTT skill through the Amazon Echo, and then write a message through the todo list. Then If This Then That will read the todo list and send the email. It won't send long emails, though. The Echo will also read a Kindle book to him, if the book is in his Kindle library.