Will a clean install fix my Windows 10 problems?

Episode 1339 (1:18:31)

Bruce from Pasadena, CA
Microsoft Windows 10

Bruce converted his computer over to Windows 10 and now he's having a different problem every week. Leo says the problem is with the Anniversary update. It's caused all sorts of trouble. Unfortunately, it's now too late to downgrade. Leo says that it has taken months for Microsoft to work out the kinks and they're updating it all the time. So Bruce should keep updating. It could also be an incompatible driver, and in that case, it may take a month or two to iron out those kinks with drivers.

Could a clean install fix it? Leo says it's always worth doing. It's a hassle, but in general, a clean install is a better way to go because it doesn't build on a previous version which may be dicey. The easiest way to do a clean install on Windows 10 is to download the Windows Media Creation Tool and create a USB key with the install on it. An 8GB model will be best.