Can I use data with a MiFi instead of cable or DSL internet?

Episode 1292 (2:01:06)

Judy from Sierra Madre, CA

Judy has been switched to Frontier and now her landline has vanished. So she can't call out or receive calls. Is there a way she can just get her internet from a MiFi and smartphones? Leo says absolutely. The MiFi would allow her to use apps like Skype, Tango, and others to purchase minutes to call any landline using it. Then she'd have a phone number. The downside is that she won't have 911 support. So when she dials 911, she'd get a regional center and it's harder for them to find exactly where she is.

Leo says it's appalling how Frontier has handled this changeover. Leo advises writing to Mike Gatto, the Rep in LA about this. He's investigating it. She should also call the Public Utilities Commission.