What's a good laptop to replace a Windows XP desktop?

Episode 1063 (1:28:57)

Josslyn from Pasadena, CA

Josslyn is looking to replace her XP Desktop with a laptop. Her son has a MacBook Pro and he really likes it. Leo says that it's important to stay within the family as they can be her support system. So a MacBook Pro would be a good idea. An even better idea is the MacBook Air because of it's long battery life and super light form factor. If she's not going to take it anywhere, then the MacBook Pro is a good idea, especially the one with the retina display.

Of course, if all she's going to do is email and surfing, then a Chromebook would be a great option if she's on a budget. Samsung has a new one that's pretty fast and has great battery life. For Windows, Leo likes the Acer S7. The Dell XPS13 is nice as well.