How can I get download Google Maps for offline access on my Nexus 7? (Part 2)

Episode 1063 (1:01:00)

Ron from Downey, CA

Ron wants to know how he can download Google Maps for offline access on his Google Nexus 7 tablet. The chatroom says if he types "OK Maps" into the search box of the Maps app, it will cache the map for him. He can also scroll down to the bottom and select "make this area map available offline." Google says the device storage capacity may limit the size of an area to be cached, and some areas aren't available for this.

The chatroom says NavFreeUSA is another app in Google Play for doing this. Leo Likes MotionX GPS for offline maps on iPhone.

Ron also wants to know if he can get longitude and latitude from Google Maps. Doctor Mom in the chatroom says there's a tech note on how to do that at