Try an Alternative Launcher on Android

One of the benefits to having an Android phone is that you can customize and change almost everything about it. You can even change the way your apps and widgets are presented to you by changing what's called the "launcher." The launcher is a lot like Explorer on Windows or the Finder on the Mac. It's the program that allows you to see files and applications so you can run them. The iOS launcher is called SpringBoard, and Apple doesn't let you use any other launcher. On Android, however, you can download third party launchers that change the way your home screen operates. In fact, many manufacturers like Samsung have their own launchers instead of the stock Android one that's found on the Pixel phones.

The most popular third party launcher on Android is Nova Launcher, but Leo is also a fan of Action Launcher. You can easily switch the launcher in Android's settings, under Apps > Default Apps. It may be called a "home screen" depending on the phone. You can have multiple launchers installed and switch between them whenever you'd like. The other benefit is that you could backup your home screen layout with a third party launcher, and restore it if you ever get a new phone.

- Watch Leo Laporte's explanation of Android launchers on The Tech Guy 1427 (YouTube)