How to Fix Slow PC Bootup Problems

If it takes too long to bootup your computer, there are a few of things you can try:

- Try taking the hard drive out and accessing it from another computer using the Universal Drive Adapter from NewerTech. If you have difficulty accessing the drive that way, you can try running SpinRite to repair the drive.

- If you have a USB key with an operating system on it, you could try booting from that instead of the internal drive. If that works fine, then it could be a driver or software issue that's causing the slow bootup times.

- Attached USB devices are another common culprit for slowing down your PC bootup time, so you can try disconnecting all devices and see if that speeds things up.

- The boot order may be incorrect in BIOS, and it could be looking to boot to an external drive or device first. Make sure the internal drive is first on the boot order.

- Faulty power supplies and cables can cause also these problems, so it may be necessary to check and replace them.