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How Can I Turn an iPad Mini Into a Mobile Phone?

iPad Mini 2021

Episode 1834

Nuss from Del Rey Beach, FL

Nuss wants to know if there's a way to turn his iPad Mini into a phone. Most phones he sees aren't big enough for him. Leo says you want to make sure your iPad has LTE built-in. But that's data only. But you can then use a service like TalkATone, which gives you an actual phone number. It has texting, voicemail, the works. But you also have to have a deal with a cellular phone company for the VOIP service. Leo would recommend using Google Fi because it's the same price no matter where you are.

Why Won't Siri Read My Email?


Episode 1832

Jay from Wooster, MA

Jay has reached the end of his rope with his father's iPad. It won't read emails with Siri. Leo says that it's possible that his dad's iPad is old and as such, some features aren't supported anymore. Apple could have broken that feature during an update. It could be that the accessibility settings have been turned off. Look in the settings to see if the speech controller is enabled. Go into the accessibility settings and make sure the settings are enabled. Leo tried it with his iPad Mini, and it didn't work either. So it could be that Siri is just plain broken.

How Do I Sign a PDF File Digitally?


Episode 1829

Jose from Modesto, CA

Jose wants to know how to sign a PDF document on his Android tablet and send it back. Leo says that Adobe Acrobat Reader is the best one according to Tech Radar. It will allow one to sign their name digitally and even store the signature to use again. Other options are XOdo PDF Reader. FoxIt. GAAHio. PDF Pen Pro.

Another idea is to sign a name with a sharpie on a white piece of paper and save it as a transparent PNG file. Then he can simply insert it as a graphic.

He can also use DocuSign, which will enable him to legally sign a digital document with verification.

Apple’s Victory Is More of a Tie in Epic Legal Ruling

Epic Games

Episode 1828

Apple declared victory this week as a judge ruled that the app store is not a monopoly, but it fell short in prohibiting Epic from offering sales outside of the app store. The judge ruled that while Apple technically won the argument, Epic has the right to direct their customers to their own website to sell digital assets, thereby avoiding paying Apple a 30% fee on any in-app purchases. But Apple can also ban Epic and Fortnite from the app store, so don't look for the app to return any time soon.

Is the iPad a Good Computer If You're Blind?


Episode 1827

Edward from Detroit, MI

Edward is legally blind and wants to know if an iPad would be useful to him, especially with the keyboard. Leo says that an iPad has great accessibility features with voice dictation and screen reading. But the keyboard is digital and that could be a challenge for typing. But Apple has created a ton of features, and Edward can always connect a hardware keyboard to it via Bluetooth.  But try turning on voiceover and rely on Siri to dictate within any text field. It's pretty good. 

How Can I Restore a Company-Owned iPad?

iPad Pro

Episode 1824

Jeffrey from New York City, NY

Jeffrey recently left his work and he got to keep the iPad Pro. But it's locked with Microsoft intune. What can he do? Leo says that you can probably unenroll it. It requires a certificate to support Apple's MDM (mobile device management). So delete the iTunes certificate and then delete the app.  If you can't get into the iPad, try booting into DFU mode. You can do that by googling your iPad model and DFU, and you can get step by step on how to do that. DFU will then restore the iPad to factory defaults. 

How Can I Monitor My Granddaughter's Online Activity on My Tablet?

iPad Pro

Episode 1807

Travis from Rector, AK

Travis wants to be able to see what his granddaughter is doing on his tablet. Leo says you can't really monitor everything she's doing, but you can use parental controls to determine what she can and cannot do. It's built into the OS. Settings. Family. Parental Controls. You can also set a PIN so she can't buy anything. You can also set an age level on YouTube. You could also download YouTube for Kids and lockout regular YouTube.