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Why Can't I Save to LibreOffice in macOS?


Episode 1837

Paul from Santa Monica, CA

Paul recently bought a MacBook Air, but the latest version of LibreOffice doesn't work on it. It won't save. Have they changed the software with the new Mac? Leo says that LibreOffice is a great open-source option to Microsoft Office. However, with the latest M1 Macs, Libre has to use Rosetta until the suite is updated for the M1 platform. But it's likely that there's a permissions issue due to macOS Catalina's new security features. So it may not be able to ask for permission. What Leo suggests is going into the security system preference pane and give Libre full access.

What's the Best App for Handling Finances Now?


Episode 1837

Wayne from San Diego, CA

Wayne is looking for a good program to manage his finances and do banking. Leo says that Quicken is really the most popular. But the downside is, they charge every year for critical updates. But online banking sites like Mint and Personal Capital have really taken over with cloud-based financial apps that can work really well. And the best part is, they're free. 

How Can I Open a PDF Without Internet Explorer?


Episode 1837

Diego from Los Angeles, CA

Diego bought a service manual online for his car and he's having issues opening it through the browser. Leo says EDGE should be able to open PDF files, and it should be on the computer already. But when Diego does that, the CD freezes. Leo says it could be copy-protected, and that could be causing the problem. If he can get it off the CD, that would help. But they may have coded it in such a way that he can only open it through Internet Explorer due to copy protection. But Microsoft has killed Internet Explorer now. So Diego may be stuck. 

How Can I Fix Windows From Crashing?

System File Checker.

Episode 1837

Greg from New Brunswick, Canada

Greg's parents are having issues with their PC and remote desktop. He'll log in, and there's nothing happening. It freezes up. Windows has a repair function that could work to fix any files that are corrupted. They'll need the Windows Media Creation Tool and a USB thumb drive. Download and save it. Run the Media Creation Tool and it will make a USB key with the installation routine on it. First, though, Run the Windows System File Checker. Type Windows Key SFC. That's the system file checker, and it will check files and replace any corrupted files.

Do I Need a Microsoft Account to Run Windows 11?

windows 11

Episode 1835

Tom from Carson, CA

Tom hears that Windows 11 will require a Microsoft account. Leo says that's true. But what about for business? Leo says if he has an enterprise license, no. Leo says if he has individual computers, he'll need individual accounts. Just make a dummy account. They're free from Microsoft. Also, if he buys Windows 11 Pro, he can just use a local account, and not sign up.

Why Can't I Run the Windows 11 Compatibility Checker?

 Windows 11

Episode 1835

Larry from San Francisco, CA

Larry tried to see if he could install Windows 11 last night and had problems with secure boot enabling. Leo says that secure boot is in the BIOS and it should have been turned on when Larry installed Windows 10. So that means it had to have been turned off recently. Windows also will need TPM 2.0 to support Windows 11, so Larry's computer could be too old to support it.

Why Can’t I Log Into iCloud With My Mac?


Episode 1834

Edward from San Jose, CA

Edward is having trouble logging into iCloud on his Mac. It just "beachballs" and then returns to the login screen. He can log in using just about every other device he has, but not his Mac. He's using the latest version of BigSur, too. What gives? Leo says you can try signing out and then sign back in again from another device to see if it clears out. You can also try booting into safe mode.

Leo suspects, though, that there's a security app on Edward's Mac blocking the login. Malware Bytes, for instance, will do this.

Can I Record a Phone Conversation?


Episode 1831

David from Tulare, CA

David would like to be able to record calls. How can he do that? Leo says it depends on the state. Some are two-party states, which both sides must agree. So he may have to inform the person he is about to record the call. Some states are one-party states, meaning he doesn't have to warn them. Leo says there are several apps that do it, including CallRecorder. Scott uses REV 

Why Does My Computer Shut Down Every Night at the Same Time?

Computer BIOS

Episode 1830

Carlos from Hawthorne, CA

Carlos' computer shuts down every night at 10:43. He looked at the task scheduling feature and it's not that. Leo says to look in bios. Some PCs have a scheduler built into its BIOS setup. You can also look at the system log to see what event triggered it. Click Start and type "event viewer", or press Windows + R and type "eventvwr." You should be able to look at all the events and see what's triggering it. It has to be software. Also look at your power management settings. Could reinstalling Windows fix it? Leo says possibly, but that's an extreme solution.