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Why Does My Linux Laptop Have Video Glitches?


Episode 1770

Quincy from Las Vegas, NV

Quincy likes using MINT Linux on his old Dell Latitude laptop because it looks a lot like Windows. But the video has been glitching. Leo says that Mint may have chosen the wrong driver when he installed it. Linux uses video drivers made mostly by enthusiasts, and relying on the motherboard graphics is the easiest to get drivers for. But he may want to check the video card manufacturer to see if they have a Linux driver available. Try googling the model laptop with Linux and see what drivers pop up, and who has solved that issue.

Why Did I Have to Reinstall My Apps After a Windows Update?


Episode 1770

Brian from Bryan, TX

Brian has a Dell PC and after the recent Windows update, he had to reinstall all of his apps. Leo says that's unusual behavior, and it usually comes after a feature update, not a security update. That's why Leo recommends only doing critical security updates, not the optional ones. And it's shenanigans like this that Leo tends to avoid using Windows in favor of Linux. But updating Windows while still using it is a very tricky thing. It's like pulling a table cloth out from under the dishes while eating dinner. Sometimes, it just doesn't work right for a small percentage of people.

What Can I Do With My Old Windows XP Computer?

Windows XP

Episode 1769

Ron from West Hollywood, CA

Ron wants to know if LTE and GSM are the same. Leo says it isn't at all, and every carrier has made the move to LTE because it allows calls to be transmitted as data, while GSM is still radio-based. It's all data now. 

What can he do with his old XP computer?  The browsers aren't supported anymore. Leo says that if you can upgrade to Windows 10, that's the best option. But if not, put Linux on it! Leo recommends Manjaro or Ubuntu Linux. Download and put it on a USB Key, then reboot. See if you like it.

How Can I Get My Computer to Read the Screen to Me?


Episode 1767

Mike from Alhambra, CA

Mike is blind and wants to know what computers he can use that will speak to him. Leo says all of them have accessibility features, but most use screen readers to read what's on the computer screen. The programs aren't cheap, however. JAWS is the best known.

But there are open source options like ORCA. If you're fluent in braille, a braille screen reader reads your screen and displays them on a refreshable terminal with dots that go up and down.

Can I Move Software From One Computer to Another?

Revo Uninstaller

Episode 1767

Jeff from High Point, NC

Jeff recently bought a Lenovo X1  laptop with a 2 TB M.2 SSD drive. But after he installed the drive, he now needs to install all the programs and data from his old SSD to the new one. But he can't do an image because the laptop uses the Pro edition of Windows, while his old laptop uses the home edition. How can he install the programs from a backup? Leo says that while possible, you don't want to do that. Windows installs aren't monolithic. It places files everywhere, especially with programs. Leo says the better way is to reinstall the app from scratch.

How Can I Get My PC to Tell the Time?


Episode 1766

Tony from Washington D.C.

Tony has a Dell laptop and he wants to be able to get it to tell him audibly what time it is. How can he do that? Leo says to check out There's an article that will show how to use scripting in Visual Basic to harness Windows' text to speech to tell what time it is on a regular basis using the task scheduler in Windows.

If Tony has an Apple Watch, he can have it do it as well.

How Can I Migrate My Software and Data From Vista to Windows 10?

Windows Vista

Episode 1765

Don from Culver City, CA

Don still uses a laptop he bought in 2009. But he recently bought a new HP All in One desktop computer. Now he has to transfer everything from his old Vista machine to his new Windows 10 machine. How can he do that? Leo says you won't' be able to copy over everything exactly. It'll still look different because it's Windows 10. But there is a utility that can do it.