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How Can I Share Videos With Family?


Episode 1713

Ed from Santa Maria, CA

Ed converted a bunch of home movies into digital format on a USB key. He wants to share them with family, but he has to convert them. What does he do? Leo says that as long as the USB key is formatted for FAT32 or ExFAT, it should be compatible with both. NTFS won't work for most macs. Then there's the video format. If it's WMV, Macs can't play it back. But MP4 is modern and ubiquitous. What if the person he's sharing with has a mobile phone? Leo recommends sharing them on YouTube. Set videos to private and then send them a link to share. That's the easiest way.

Tik Tok May Get Banned in the US

Tik Tok

Episode 1712

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has announced that the US Government may be banning Tik Tok within weeks due to national security issues. The app is already banned in India, and Wells Fargo has banned it as well. The US government has banned it government-wide as well. 

Tik Tok is subject to the authority of the Chinese government and the Chinese Communist Party. The app has deleted posts that are critical of that government. But it also has a feature that looks in your clipboard, which could be a security issue due to data snarfing.

What Happened to My Photo Thumbnails in Win10?

Disk Clean-Up

Episode 1711

Mark from Burbank

Mark has pictures on his Windows 10 PC, but he doesn't get the thumbnail to see what it is. Leo says Mark needs to rebuild the thumbnail cache. The Windows Disk Clean-Up tool will do it. Windows Key + disk cleanup and return. Select This PC, Drive, and Properties. Check the thumbnails option and it will rebuild it. It'll take a while, but it'll do the job.

How Can I Better Stabilize My Camera for Photos and Video?


Episode 1711

Mark from Tustin, CA

Mark is interested in a good camera gimbal for his mobile device. Leo says that DJI has a great line called the DJI Ronin for DSLRs and other cameras, and the Osmo For smaller cameras. He can even get them for action cameras and mobile devices. Or, he can go with the DJI Osmo Pocket which has its own camera built-in. So it largely depends on the budget. It's generally more affordable to get one for a smartphone. 

There's also a great one for vloggers called the ZVb1. But it's not a gimbal per se. takes advantage of the camera's internal Optical Image stabilization. 

What's a Good Camera for Livestreaming on the Net?

Episode 1709

Sheryl from Temecula, CA

Sheryl has a 24/7 live stream of wildlife on called Hoot House Live Stream. She uses a Wyze cam but it's not made for live streaming and glitches out from time to time. Leo says to look for a POE (power over ethernet) or PTZ camera. NEST cams are also good.

Sal calls to let Leo know about WyzeCam's latest outdoor wireless cam, was just released. Leo says that's a cool design, but it's designed to be battery powered and only turns on with movement, to conserve battery life. 

Chris Marquardt ... Starlinked

Chris Marquardt

Episode 1706

Chris joins Leo to talk about how Elon Musk's Starlink satellites are causing problems for astral photographers and astronomers. The satellites are congesting the night sky, even though SpaceX says that they are putting sunshades on the satellites to prevent light reflection and make the satellites more invisible. But Chris says that instead, they are reflecting infrared, which is also problematic when scanning the sky and taking long-exposure photographs. Chris says at least SpaceX is listening and is trying to engineer a solution to prevent light noise from reflecting down from the sky.