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Is there an alternative to Google Photos?

Google Photos

Episode 1746

Micah from Maine

Micah wants to talk about Google's decision to eliminate free unlimited storage in June of 2021. Moving forward, your storage will come out of your Google Drive allotment, which is 15GB free. After that, you will have to pay for additional storage. The good news though, is until June 2021, you can continue to upload unlimited, and it won't count against your allotment. But starting June 2021, any additional photos will be subject to the new rules. So users will have to consider whether to keep their photos there and pay for additional storage or move on to another option.

How can I save photos with the date it was taken?

EXIF Metadata

Episode 1742

Rich from West Palm Beach, FL

Rich has been scanning an archive of photos from the family history. He's used scanning services, a DIY with Epson Fast Foto, Flatbed scanners. The works. But in the last six months, he's organized the photos and then imported them into Photos. But he can't search by date. The dates have been linked according to the date it's been scanned. Leo says that Photos is using the File modification date. You can't really rely on that.

Chris Marquardt ... Focal Length

Chris Marquardt

Episode 1740

Chris joins Leo to talk about focal length. Telephoto and wide-angle focal lengths can dramatically alter the way your subject appears to the camera. Focal length can also increase or decrease the "bokeh," or things out of focus in the background. Telephotos can also flatten an image to get things in focus from different planes. Telephoto can also keep lines parallel, while wide-angle causes lines to converge. 

Here are some visual examples:

Reviews state Android Phones Have a Better Camera than the iPhone 12 ... But

iPhone 12

Episode 1740

Reviews state Android phones have a better camera than the iPhone 12 ... but Leo says that we've reached a point in the quality of mobile phone cameras that it's more a matter of preference than actual quality differences. All mobile devices have great cameras now, it's just a matter of what features each enjoys.

Chris Marquardt and the Snapshot

Chris Marquardt

Episode 1738

Today, Chris joins Leo to talk about THE SNAPSHOT. A casual shot meant to be a documentary record, rather than an artistic image. It doesn't usually have a lot of intention or planning like a set still image designed to tell a story. But that doesn't mean you can't employ the skills you've learned in photography to make a snapshot all it can be, and to even tell a story.  Chris took images recently with his iPhone, using an app called Argentum, a black and white camera app. It gives your snapshots an Ansel Adams kind of feel.

Here are a few examples:

How Can I Securely Share Photos Online?

Google photos

Episode 1735

Bobby from Park City, UT

Bobby remodels homes and creates professional before and after images. He'd like to have a cloud-based solution to showcase the work with privacy, but also be able to share the images when interested. Leo says that Google Photos has that ability and it can be private and secure, but allow for sharing with a link. Easy and free. If Bobby is doing this commercially, G Suite is the way to go, and it offers a considerable amount of storage. Alternatives include Microsoft OneDrive.