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What is a Good Phone Without Internet?

feature Phone

Episode 1689

Trevor from Ft. Worth, TX

Trevor has a special needs teenager and he needs to get her a phone that has no access to the internet but can send text messages. Leo says don't completely rule out a smartphone as there are plenty of apps out there for special needs people. But it can be risky, so maybe waiting on a smartphone is a wise idea. The iPhone has excellent parental controls though.  A feature phone, or flip phone, is inexpensive and you may be able to get one for free. But texting is a lot harder on a flip phone.

iOS Bug Crashes Leo's Phone


Episode 1689

A zero-day bug prompted a text message to Leo that caused his iPhone to crash. It's officially known as a "remote zero click." Apple is aware of the issue and is working out a fix for the next update to iOS 13. It was discovered by a security company in San Francisco this week, along with two other zero-day exploits. Leo advises updating to the latest iOS as soon as it comes out.

How do I sync my phone in Catalina?

Catalina OS

Episode 1688

Tom from Warren, OH

Tom got a message from his iPhone 11 Pro that his phone was almost full. So he's been moving stuff off. But how does he back up his playlists? Leo says you can do it wirelessly. Go into settings and look in "about" to see what's taking up all the room. Then, you can go into the Music app and delete the music artist by artist. But in Catalina, you can still sync in the music app as you used to with iTunes. Select Sync check songs only.

How can I transfer photos from one android smartphone to another?

Samsung Galaxy S10

Episode 1686

Old Chef Guy from Fetters Hot Springs-Agua Calientem, CA

OCG wants to migrate his photos from his Samsung S10 to his One Plus 7 Pro. Can he do that? Leo says that third-party camera apps often have their own galleries. The challenge is to get the photos to the new phone. He may need to do it one at a time. One option is to hook up your Android device to a computer and it'll read it as a drive. Then look for the file folder and copy it to your computer. Then attach the One plus and move it over. Use the Android File Manager.

Why can't my son's computer read a 5TB hard drive?

Seagate 5TB External USB 3.0 Hard Drive

Episode 1686

Gary from Gary, IN

Gary bought his son a 5TB hard drive. He put several movies on it too. But when he put it in the computer, it says to format the hard drive. Leo says to double-check the USB cable to be sure it isn't bad. It's possible that Gary formatted it incorrectly.  But make sure that his Windows 7 OS is updated. Leo says to plug it back into Gary's computer and see if he can read it. If so, then it may be a drive size issue. Also, GPT formatting will confuse Windows 7. Chances are, his machine can't read a 5TB drive. It's too big.

When should I replace my mobile phone?

Samsung Galaxy S5

Episode 1686

Richard from Grand Rapids MI

Richard has a Samsung Galaxy 5 and wants to know when he should replace it. He's gone through two batteries. Leo says that a smartphone will become good as new when you put a new battery in it. So that really isn't an issue. The real issue is when the updates stop. When the phone OS is no longer supported because of age, that may be the time to get a new phone. But if you're not installing anything new, you're probably fine for as long as you want.