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Can I Use an Old iPhone With My SIM?

iPhone 3G

Episode 1826

Harold from Santa Barbara, CA

Harold can't get his old iPhone to work with his SIM. Leo says that Verizon used GSM back then, and the iPhone would probably not work anyway because it used G2 towers that were turned off long ago. And they're turning onf 3G as we speak, so older 3G phones are about to go offline. But you could use it as an iPod. How can I get the data off it? Leo says to get iTunes for Windows on your computer, connect that old iPhone, and then it'll copy everything off onto your hardware. Leo also recommends uploading the photos to Google Photos. That way it doesn't matter what phone you have. 

What New Android Phone Should I Buy?

Pixel 5a

Episode 1826

Jeff from San Francisco, CA

Jeff is ready to upgrade from his old Motorola Moto e4 plus. Leo says that the new Moto's are great. The Google Pixel 5a/5g is on sale and the Pixel 6 comes out next month. Leo likes both. But the Motos won't have wireless charging like the Pixel 6 will. The Pixel 5a/5g camera is excellent, the same as the Pixel 4. And in a year, the Pixel 6a will come out. Leo says to go with the Pixel 5a/5g. Check out our Hands-On Technology review: we call it awesomely unexciting! 

What Phone Should I Get That Will Work With 5G?

Motorola G9

Episode 1826

Michael from Roswell, NM

Mike is an AT&T customer and he's getting a text that his Samsung P850 phone won't be supported soon, due to 5G. But they aren't turning off 4G/LTE. So what gives? Leo says that AT&T isn't being very clear. The plan is to turn off 3G towers, so if your phone supports 3G, then that won't be available to you. But Mike's phone should work on 4G. But if not, he'll need to upgrade. What should he get that isn't too expensive? Leo is a fan of the Motorola Moto G9, so take a look at the G9 Power series.

What's the Most Waterproof Smartphone?

Samsung S20

Episode 1824

Lauren from La Mesa, CA

Lauren wants to know what is the most waterproof phone on the market. Leo says that IP ratings measure the water resistance of a device. The iPhone has an IP rating of 68, which means it can be waterproof in 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes. But the charging port can still be a place where water can get in. That also doesn't include saltwater. The rating is really more for splashes of water. Samsung's Galaxy Phones are also rated at IP68.

T-Mobile Admits to Hacking Breach


Episode 1824

T-Mobile has admitted to a recent security breach that compromised the personal information of millions of its customers. The hacker who did it told the Wall Street Journal that their online security was awful and gave him unlimited access for over a week to customer data, including social security numbers and credit card information. Leo recommends every TMobile customer put a fraud alert on their credit account. It's free. The other option is a credit freeze, which will prevent any new credit from being taken in your name. The downside is, it'll prevent you from getting credit either.

Start Dialing All Ten Digits Now, It's Coming in October


Episode 1824

Starting October 24th, mobile phone users will have to dial all ten digits, even for local calls.  Leo says there's a good reason for it, as the FCC wants a suicide prevention hotline number of 988 (like 911). But to do this, the entire phone system has to be updated, and that will require all telecommunications carriers to handle ten-digit dialing. 988 will go live in July of 2022.

Google Play Store Generated Over $11 Billion in Annual Revenue

Google Play

Episode 1824

According to a finding during the app class action lawsuits in court, Google's Play store enjoyed an annual revenue of over $11 billion, $8 billion of which was profit. That's largely due to taking 30% of all app fees as their cut. Leo says 30% looked at first as a good deal since both Google and Apple handle the front end. But as the class-action lawsuits reflect, app developers think that Google is taking too big of a cut.