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First All Civilian Crew Aboard SpaceX Capsule Return Home

Inspiration 4 Crew

Episode 1830

Inspiration 4, the first all civilian crew to go up into space, returned safely to home yesterday, splashing down in the Atlantic after a three-day adventure in earth's orbit. The mission raised over $200 million for St Jude's Children's Hospital while doing it. You can watch a documentary about the mission and crew on Netflix, it's called "Countdown".

What’s the Best Alternative for Internet When You’re in a Bad Area?


Episode 1829

Sean from Los Angeles, CA

Bill is in an RV and has bad cell coverage where he is, and he has terrible internet coverage. Leo says that ordinarily, he could use a Femtocell to route the cell calls through the internet. But since he wants better data, there's nothing really going the other way.  So the only other option is satellite. He could check to see what other carriers have in that area. He can also get a MiFi WiFi access point that is with a different carrier. But he's paying extra for that data. Still an option.  Check DSLReports. Enter the zip code and look for alternatives like Microwave. 

What’s the Best Option for Backing up & Organizing Photos in the Cloud?


Episode 1829

Henry from Los Angeles, CA

Henry has a lot of pictures, both personal and for business. He has them all backed up on Carbonite, and recently moved them over to Google Photos. He's got them all organized, but he says that even with the folders, it's way too crowded on his phone. Leo says that Google Photos has an option to delete images off the phone once they are uploaded to the cloud. But he wants to segregate the business photos from his personal photos. Leo says that there are organizational options in Google Photos, and they will create special folders that are private.

How Do I Clean Up My Old Phone & Transfer Data to My New Phone?


Episode 1829

Randy from Sumner, WA

Randy wants to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S21. But when he transfers the data from his other phone, he has GB of "other" data. How can he get rid of that before he transfers the data? Leo says that other data are cached, or temp files. And they shouldn't transfer when he copies the data over. Look for Samsung's Device Care app It'll allow him to clear out a lot of that stuff.

How Can I Get Rid of Network Connections on My iPhone?

WiFi Settings

Episode 1828

Cindy from Valdosta, GA

Cindy is having issues with her phone. She keeps getting connections to old networks, which causes her internet access to drop out. Leo says you can forget those old network connections from time to time.  Click on the "i" button to the right of the network and select the forget option. That should remove those from your "my networks" section and prevent the phone from connecting to them. Here's an Apple tech note about it. Since Cindy is dealing with a divorce, it may be a good idea just to reset the phone completely.

How Can I Get Photos off an LG Phone?

Google Photos

Episode 1828

Brenda from Redondo Beach, CA

Brenda has an LG mobile phone without service. She tried to get pictures off the phone, but she can't seem to get the data off it. Leo says that it's possible the photos have been backed up to Google Photos. If you can access the account, you can go into it, and they should be backed up there. You may also look to see if there's an SD card in the phone. If so, then you may have the pictures saved there. 

Should I Buy an iPhone XR?

iPhone XR

Episode 1828

Jenn from Tri-Cities, WA

Jenn is looking at either the iPhone XR or the iPhone 11. Leo suggests waiting until after Tuesday when Apple announces the new iPhone. They'll likely reduce the cost of phones down the line as well. Leo says the iPhone XR will only be supported until 2023/24, a five-year window. So you're better off going with the iPhone 11. Then again, it's twice as much. The XR is almost as good, actually. But if the iPhone 11 goes down to around $400 after Tuesday, that could make the difference.  And take a look at the iPhone SE.

Apple’s Victory Is More of a Tie in Epic Legal Ruling

Epic Games

Episode 1828

Apple declared victory this week as a judge ruled that the app store is not a monopoly, but it fell short in prohibiting Epic from offering sales outside of the app store. The judge ruled that while Apple technically won the argument, Epic has the right to direct their customers to their own website to sell digital assets, thereby avoiding paying Apple a 30% fee on any in-app purchases. But Apple can also ban Epic and Fortnite from the app store, so don't look for the app to return any time soon.