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Can I Continue to Use My Pixel After It Stops Updating?

Pixel 3

Episode 1850

Sheryl from Riverside, CA

Sheryl's Google Pixel 3 is only going to get one more security update early next year. Will it be safe to use after that? Leo says that Android is more open to hacking because they are open source. But the Pixel line is regularly updated because it comes directly from Google. Security updates will have a five-year window. While feature updates are more leisurely. Some not at all.  But even if it stops being updated, you can always "root" the phone and keep it running. Check  XDA-Developers forums for how.

Can I Stream Audio in the Background of My Video?


Episode 1849

Kelvin from San Diego, CA

Kelvin does live streaming via OBS and he wants his audience to be able to hear music that he streams in the background. Leo says that's complicated because he will have to purchase the license to be able to do that online, and it's very expensive. Also, the content may be get taken down by YouTube or Facebook, especially if he doesn't have a license for what he specifically does. The good news about TikTok is that they cover the licensing.

Israeli Security Company Selling Exploits for Government Spying


Episode 1849

An Israeli company known as the NSO Group is in the business of selling exploits to governments in order to spy on people online. The company collects bugs in operating systems, be it desktop or mobile, and then offers them to governments in order to put malware on people they wish to surveil. The NSO Group assures that they don't sell to repressive regimes, but Leo says that some of their clientele is pretty sketch. And if you're spying on your citizens, how legitimate are you, really?  

What Phone Can I Get for Under $1000?

Motorola Moto G Power

Episode 1847

Perry from Glendale, CA

Perry has to have Android 9 or 10 on his Galaxy S4 mobile phone to do some banking online. How can he load it up manually? Leo says it may be too old to update. Look in the update settings. If it says he's up to date, then that means he's gone as far as he can go for updating and it may be time to get a new phone. This is a shame because the phone is still working just fine. It's not uncommon though, for mobile phones to be left behind as the development of Android goes full steam ahead.

What Phone Can I Get for Under $400

Moto G Power

Episode 1846

Suzie from West Covina, CA

Suzie is looking to get a new mobile phone to replace the Moto G5 she previously had. She has a budget of $300-$400. Leo says that tier is a mid-level tier and there are some good phones in that price range, including the Motorola G9. There's also the Moto G Power, which offers a lot more battery life. $229 for 128GB, Pretty good 48MP camera. Qualcomm processor with good performance. 

Another option is the One Plus. The Nord series is pretty good. The Samsung A series is also a good option.

How Can I Use a VOIP in Europe for Long Distance Calls?


Episode 1845

John from Portugal

John retired to Portugal. He wants to get a phone that he can use in Spain. WhatsApp is very popular for making long-distance calls in Europe because it's so expensive for mobile. Leo says that in the EU, there is no roaming, but that doesn't apply to regular long-distance rates, which are expensive overseas. Google Voice won't work in Portugal. Leo also suggests TalkaTone, which he can voice-enable the iPad to make calls. WhatsApp is great, but everyone has to be using it, and it won't work with landlines.