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Why Am I Only Getting Text Messages on My Mac?

Episode 1838

William from Santa Clarita, CA

William has a Samsung Phone and an Apple computer. He's having issues with his Mac getting his text messages, but his phone doesn't get them. Leo says that if you had an iPhone previously, the message could have been sent to your Apple ID account via Apple Messages instead of sending via SMS text messaging. So the people are texting you and selecting your email, which is in blue, because they may have an iPhone. The only place the email will show up is in Messages on your Mac.

Chris Maquardt and the iPhone 13 Pro

Chris Marquardt

Episode 1838

Chris joins Leo to talk about the new iPhone 13 Pro and how improvements in the camera have really changed photography with a mobile phone. The cinematic mode is particularly noteworthy for shooting video because you can pull or "rack" focus. That makes your videos look more like a cinematic movie.  Macro Mode is also a great new feature, allowing users to take pictures from up to 2CM away. The iPhone Pro also has a 3x telephoto lens. 

Why Can't I Use iDrive With My New Mac?


Episode 1837

Rick from Mission Viejo, CA

Rick got a new M1 Mac, but iDrive isn't backing up to it and it won't access the website. Leo says it sounds like macOS is blocking iDrive and keeping it from backing up the hard drive. If there is any security software, disable it. Try then. It could be that the AVS, which he doesn't need for macOS, is blocking the IP. If he's using a VPN, that could be causing security software to prevent access. Leo has a hunch that the DNS may be blocked, and that could be the security software, router, or even a VPN. A proxy server like TOR Guard may be doing it as well.

Can I Connect My Motorola Moto G Play to My TV?

Motorola G Play

Episode 1836

Daniel from Riverside, CA

Daniel wants to know if he can connect an HDMI cable to his Motorola Moto G Play mobile phone and connect it to a TV. Leo says that if Motorola sells a USB-C video cable, buy that. But you have to determine if your USB-C port has a video channel on the port. Make sure it isn't a Thunderbolt cable. They are very easily confused. It'll need to be a USB-C (display port) to HDMI cable as well.

Should I Buy My Wife a New Phone or Camera?

Samsung S21

Episode 1836

Mike from On the Road, NC

Mike wants to get his wife a stand-alone camera. Is that better than the camera on her phone? Leo says that they can be, but modern smartphones are very good. The difference is that most camera apps make all the decisions. The mobile phone camera is an excellent tool if you want a simple way to snap a picture. And the camera on the Samsung S21 is as good as the camera on the iPhone 13. 

How Can I Adjust the In-Call Volume in My Android Phone?

In Call Volume

Episode 1836

Greg from Ontario, CAN

Greg went blind recently, and he's trying to make his mobile phone more accessible. His in-call volume has gotten really low, and he can't adjust it back up. Leo says there may be something from an update that has changed the internal settings. If your screen reader can pick it up, go into the sound settings and adjust it. It may also be a feature called "Adapt Sound." Look there and see if it's changed your sound. Also turn off Dolby. You can also try turning off Bluetooth. It may think you're using a Bluetooth handset. It could also be the speaker for your ears has broken.

Why Is My Phone Battery Swollen?

Phone Battery

Episode 1836

Carlos from Whittier, CA

Carlos is an old Fortran programmer who has reinvented himself as a computer science professor in his retirement years. He's got a Google Pixel 4 mobile phone and he's had terrible customer support on his swelling battery. Leo says the proper response is to replace it because it's a fire hazard. That Google isn't doing that is extremely disappointing. Carlos finally got an RMA return and they will replace it with a refurbished unit. But it took several weeks via email to get them to do the right thing. Is Google having issues with batteries?

New iPhone 13 Gets Solid Reviews. However...

iPhone 13

Episode 1836

The reviews are in for the new iPhone 13, and they are largely favorable. However, the performance boost of the new A15 processor is really only about 10%. But the battery life is vastly improved and is probably the best feature of the new iPhone. Still, Leo says that we've probably reached the point where upgrading to the latest and greatest every time is really a waste of money. Only get a new phone when you absolutely need to. 

Can I Connect a Used Laptop to My Phone for WiFi?


Episode 1835

Maria from San Diego, CA

Maria is looking to get her first smartphone with T-Mobile. She wants to know if she can use her phone's WiFi with her laptop. Leo says yes, she can connect the laptop to the smartphone and use the phone's "hotspot mode." But it may cost extra. About $10 a month. And even if she has unlimited data, hot-spotting may come with a bandwidth cap. So check the fine print. T-Mobile also has home internet. That would be faster and far better