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How Can I Watch Streaming Services Out of Town?

YouTube TV

Episode 1683

Tom from Johnson Creek, WI

Tom used the DISH App with the original Sling box and he loved it. But they don't use those services anymore. What is a good alternative for watching TV on the road? Leo says that times are changing. It's a great idea, but people aren't really doing that anymore. However, Chromecast is a good portable option. But most of the cable companies offer that kind of service. It's called OTT (Over the Top). These days, OTT services include YouTube TV, SLING, DirecTV Go. And you can always log into them online remotely and airplay.

Can I Record a Video Chat?


Episode 1683

Don from Dana Point, CA

How can Don record a video chat? Leo says it depends on the service. Most should have the ability to record built-in. So hunt around. Skype does, for sure. Remember though, each state has its own laws about securing permission, but it's just plain polite to ask. California, for instance, is a 2 party state, which means both have to give permission. 

How can I stream my church service live?


Episode 1682

Johnny from Atlanta, GA

Johnny streams his church's services. But he'd like to do it live. Leo says you can stream to YouTube and they will not only stream live, but it will then save it for viewing later. Automatically. Is Vimeo better though? Leo says that the quality is better, but it's not free to use. Vimeo Pro really isn't that expensive, though. Facebook Live is another option. Can he use Premiere Elements instead of Adobe Premiere Pro? Leo says yes. It does about 80% of what Creative Cloud does. And there's Adobe Rush. That's free and can work from a mobile device. 

How can I get a business page deleted from Facebook?


Episode 1682

Brian from Tulia,Texas

Brian bought a bar and it has a Facebook page. The page says the business is closed, but he would like to delete the page. But he can't. Leo says that's because Brian isn't a member of Facebook and doesn't control that page. Leo says it may take some persistence, log into Facebook for Business and go to their help page, requesting to delete an expired business. 

How Can I Rehearse Online With My Band?


Episode 1681

Marshall from San Diego, CA

Marshall is in an orchestra and they can't rehearse right now. How can they use the internet to create an online rehearsal? Leo says the main challenge now is having a low latency conferencing setup. Turn off video. Don't use WiFi. Be wired when you use it. Leo says that iOS has lower latency than Android does. So you could try Facetime. It's doable. Another program to try is Jammr. It's designed for playing music online. There's also JamKazam. Both have free trials.

Johnny Jet ... Refuse the Upgrade

Johnny Jet

Episode 1681

Johnny Jet joins Leo to talk about how airlines that are flying have nearly empty flights. He says though, that airlines are using first-class upgrades as an incentive and as such, it can get a bit denser up in first class. So he advises refusing the upgrade and going in the back of the plane where there are fewer passengers and you can have more distance between passengers. It also equates to more room for you.

What's a Good App for Hiking?


Episode 1681

Dan from New Jersey

Dan likes to hike and he's been using a hiking app called AVENZA, which offers maps of hiking trails of the nation's parks. It's also available on iOS and Android. The maps are also GPS enabled so you can see where you are. Leo says that going out in nature during times like this can not only be good exercise, but it can be reassuring, and having a map that is GPS enabled will help keep from getting lost.