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How Can I Learn About Crypto?


Episode 1807

Cisco from New Mexico

Cisco wants to know how he can find out honest answers about cryptocurrency? Where can he learn about it in an unbiased fashion? Leo says that most of them are biased because they want to sell you on something. Mount Gox was a bitcoin exchange that would hold and manage your bitcoin. But it disappeared along with 450 Million in bitcoin. The problem is, digital currency is a risk and ripe for fraud. But if you're interested, CoinBase and Robin Hood are good places to start.  And create your own wallet and control it.

How Can I Use My Chromecast Without WiFi?


Episode 1807

Gary from California

Gary watches live sports on the Peacock app, casting to his TV from the Chromecast. But he wants to be able to do it on his boat. Leo says you need WiFi to do that, as both devices have to be on the same network. He also hears he can create his own wifi using a router and connecting to an antenna on the hill. Leo says it's probably a hotspot that will enable you to connect to it.

Should I Get a New Router/Modem Combo?

TP-Link Archer C4000

Episode 1807

Bill from Statesville, NC

Bill wants to know what's better: a router/modem combo or a separate router and modem. Leo prefers to separate a two. You want to get a cable modem that is DOCSIS 3.1 and make sure that your ISP supports it. You'll also need to call them and get them to accept the MAC address of the modem. Bill is also having issues with download speeds on his iPad. If you're having WiFi issues, then try putting the router higher up. Also, reposition it. Another option is to try powerline networking with TPLink. But it would help if you were getting at least 100MB per second down.

Why is My Browser so Slow?


Episode 1807

Bart from Los Angeles, CA

Bart is having issues with his browser. Could it be his computer? Leo says no. It's probably your internet connection. Check with your ISP to see if their DNS servers are acting up. You can clear your browser cache and see if that helps. Or you can change the DNS outright. You don't have to use your ISP's DNS. Try That's Cloudflare. You can change it in your network settings. Leo uses NextDNS. It's $20 a year. There's also OpenDNS. Google's is another one to try.

Why Can't I Get My Yahoo Email in Windows?


Episode 1806

Karen from San Pedro, CA

Karen has a Windows 10 computer that gives her a message saying her settings are out of date. Leo says Windows won't send that message to her. But her mail program would. And since her mail has disappeared, then it may be that since Verizon is selling Yahoo, AT&T is telling Karen to update her settings. She will want to go into the mail program and delete the account. It won't delete the mail, just the portal to get it. Then Karen will have to re-add it using her login and password. The credentials Karen used to use won't work anymore. Use moving forward.

Why Does My Internet Signal Drop Out?


Episode 1806

Jerry from Santa Rosa, CA

Jerry bought a new Netgear AC1750 WiFi Modem/Router for his home network, replacing his cable modem. Leo says he wants to be sure it uses DOCSIS 3.1. It's much faster. But his streaming audio buffers all the time. Leo says the problem isn't the router, it's the internet connection. Get the ISP to come out and check the signal into the house. Then he can decide if the problem is his or theirs. It could also just be congestion.

Johnny Jet ...on the Road Again

Johnny Jet

Episode 1806

Johnny Jet is back traveling, having recently traveled to New York. TSA is allowing over 2 million through airports daily. So travel is back in a huge way. And the EU recently lifted travel restrictions from the US. But in Malta, only 38 states are allowed to travel there. It's basically a podge at this point, so make sure you check with the State Department website, or the country's site before you book internationally. 

Rod Pyle and Billionaires in Space

Rod Pyle

Episode 1805

Rod is back with more space news, particularly, that former Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is planning on going on the first flight of Blue Origin's New Shepard spacecraft. Blue Origin has been testing the new Shepard rocket and capsule on a parabolic arc for several years and has reached the point to become man rated. So Jeff Bezos is not only taking the first flight but he's auctioned off the couch next to him for $28 million for someone to go with him. That's a lot for a 12-minute flight. But it's for charity.

How Can I Set Up My Comcast Email in Outlook?


Episode 1805

Richard from Grand Rapids, MI

Richard recently checked his Outlook/Comcast email and it's now requiring a new user name and password. He hasn't input it in a long time and can't remember it. Leo says that it should be the same password as logging into Richard's Comcast account to get his webmail. Outlook can lose its settings from time to time, especially after being updated. So it may be that Richard just has to re-input the Comcast user name and password. But he may also need to input the mail settings.