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Johnny Jet, It's all about timing

Johnny Jet

Episode 1776

Johnny Jet joins Leo to talk about timing when booking a trip. Many airlines that offered vouchers last year when flights were canceled, well those vouchers are going to be expiring soon. So it's a good idea to check your expiration dates and then book a trip to use it or lose it. Then, if you can't travel because of restrictions, you can refund or rebook for a later date. The same is true with cruises. It's also important to remember that when traveling outside the country, you will need a negative covid test to return.

Why Am I Getting a Password Error With My iDrive Backup?


Episode 1775

Alan from Murietta, CA

Alan uses iDrive for his cloud backup, and he's recently started getting a "password mismatch" error. Leo has had similar issues, and he thinks it's either security software or ad blockers that is causing that kind of issue. Sites are trying to find out more about you, and the blockers on our system and browsers are fighting against that. That prompts the page developers to try and bypass it. Leo suggests turning off wifi on your mobile device and see if you can do it. If so, you know there's something in the network router that's blocking it.

Why Does Google Return Results for Spam When Searching for My Website?


Episode 1775

Louis from Phoenix, AZ

Louis thinks his website may have been hijacked. Every time he searches for his website, he gets results that include viagra websites and others. Leo says his site has been hacked, and he's not using the SSH encryption code required by Google. He suspects that his web host, GoDaddy, has a bug in its service. Lou's DNS record has probably also been modified. Leo suggests changing his WebHost password to lock out the hacker. 

How Can I Keep My Kid From Watching Youtube During Distance Learning?

Episode 1774

Kevin from Porter Ranch, CA

Kevin wants to block YouTube so his first grader won't be distracted during distance learning at home. Leo says that there's a Supervised YouTube account, and he can determine what she can and cannot see. Check out he may create her own account and log her into that. It also has screen timers to limit the time.

When will the M1 iMac come out? Leo says no one knows, but he expects it to be the first half of 2021. Look for a presentation closer to summer.

Johnny Jet .... Going Thru

Johnny Jet

Episode 1774

Johnny Jet joins Leo to report that the TSA is running over a million people a day through airports. So people are starting to travel again, especially those who have been vaccinated. Travel website traffic is on the rise as well, signaling that people want to travel and Spring and Summer of 2021 is going to be good, but that may cause a setback in the Fall as people put their guard down. 

But the time to buy tickets is now, before March 31st, when the ticket change fees may return. So if you think you're going to travel this summer, get on it!

Why Does My Voice Break Up on WiFi Calling?


Episode 1774

Jeff from Laguna Beach, CA

Jeff recently cut the cord and set up Ooma for his phone service with WiFi calling since he has lousy cell reception. But the problem his voice is cutting out. Leo says that the router is the likely culprit. This is because it affects two different devices. But it's possible that Jeff's internet company is being anti-competitive, favoring their own internet phone service over any others. One possible solution is to not use their modem and router. He can buy his own modem and router and then save a monthly rental fee at the same time. Leo recommends DOCSIS 3.1. Leo likes the NetGear CM1000.

How Can I Protect My Network While Streaming Through a VPN?


Episode 1774

Steve from Encinada, MX

Steve wants to know how he can stream on-demand using a satellite receiver. Leo says that using a VPN through a router could work, his whole network would then appear to be in the US. Leo says he can also use a raspberry pi to run in between it and the streamer. He also wants to be sure his wifi network is protected. Leo recommends also getting the Tiny Hardware Firewall. It uses their VPN or TOR to route the signal. However, it may not be fast enough to stream video.