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What's a good budgeting utility?


Episode 1686

Jay from Manassas Park, VI

Jay uses a budget program called "You Need a Budget" because he wasn't happy with Mint. But it doesn't have the features he wants. He heard that Excel can now connect to his bank. True? Leo says Google just announced that as a new feature, importing bank information. Leo says that there's a subreddit at There's a good topic of discussion there. Another option is an app called Personal Capital.

How can I save money buying online?


Episode 1686

Kenny from Springfield, MI

Kenny bought a new TV, and a few weeks later, it went on sale. Leo says that happens with just about everything you buy. Is there a way he can be notified when a sale is coming? Or keeps an eye on pricing as it drops? Leo says on Android there is an app called Camel Camel Camel: Wiki Buy is a website that follows it. Also, Honey and Earny are other options as well. 

How Can I Create a Wordpress Database For My Site?


Episode 1685

David from Ann Arbor, Michigan

David wants to create a Wordpress document database. Leo says that there are a lot of options out there. Check out They make a Wordpress plugin. But creating a Wikipedia style database may be easier to do. He can also open it up for family members to add to it. Search for Wiki hosting services. PB Works has been around forever. And he would have complete control over permissions and data. Check out DocuWiki on Synology software. 

What's the Best 4K Streaming Box?


Episode 1685

Mark from Los Angeles, CA

Which is better, the NVIDIA Shield or the Roku Ultra? Leo says both are 4K streaming devices. Leo really likes the Nvidia Shield. It's got the Integra processor and runs Android TV. But Roku has more channels and is 1/3 of the price. NVIDIA though, has better gaming, if you're into that. But if not, then the Roku Ultra is a better buy. How about mesh routers? Leo says that the Netgear Orbi has Wifi 6, but it's pretty expensive. The Eero is "smarter," in Leo's opinion. 

Can I Create a Media Streaming Service From Home?


Episode 1685

Larry from San Bernardino, CA

Larry has a good home network but he wants to create a media hosting website. Leo says the first thing he has to check is if the ISP will allow it. Likely, they don't unless he subscribes to business class internet service. He'll also need symmetrical upload. He also needs a single board computer. Leo says the ODroid is an interesting idea. It's about the size of an Altoids tin with a ton of horsepower.