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How Can I Learn About the Latest Technology and Smartphones?

iPhone XS

Episode 1607

Brian from San Diego, CA

Brian got off the internet two years ago. Now he's back on and he's wondering how to catch up and learn stuff. Leo says that these days, people learn to do things by going to YouTube. Anything you need to learn is probably available as a video on youtube. Local community colleges also usually have extension courses that you can learn for cheap. Online, there's a great site called HowToGeek

Why Won't My New Lightning Cable Work with My iPod?

Episode 1607

Char from Cambridge, Minnesota

Char bought a cable for his iPod on Amazon and it wouldn't transfer data. Leo says that sometimes there are cheap cables that don't have the data channel, and are only meant for charging. The real problem is, Amazon doesn't check to make sure the vendors aren't misrepresenting their products, and it's easy to get snookered. Let the buyer beware.

What's a Good Cheap Basic Internet Plan?

Internet of Things

Episode 1607

John from Mangum, Oklahoma

John wants to get a basic internet that doesn't offer TV or phone or anything else: just basic internet. Leo says that ISPs tend to charge you more for basic internet, vs. one that offers a bundle with phone and TV service. But they are required to offer "dry loop" internet service which may be cheaper than a plan with phone and TV service. Your other option is to use your cell service since it has data anyway. MINT Mobile is a possible solution. They are much more affordable, starting at $15 a month. Ideal, when money is tight.

The Giz Wiz ... RIP Mad Magazine


Episode 1606

The news of Mad Magazine ceasing publication of new content was stunning, especially since Dick Debartolo learned third hand. But they are going to be publishing "best of" issues moving forward. Dick says that he's been in every issue for 53 years, and realizing it's the end of the road brought him to tears. But even more of a tear-jerker was the online tributes that Dick has been reading about how beloved Mad Magazine was. Who's to blame? Leo says it's AT&T. They bought DC and Warners and closed down their offices a year and a half ago. 

Johnny Jet ... Shake Rattle and Roll

Johnny Jet

Episode 1606

Johnny Jet joins us to talk about the earthquakes that have struck the last few days. Though it was about 100 miles away, everyone could definitely feel it.m Here are a few tips and a plan in case of an earthquake, especially if travelling.

1. Have your phone at the ready with websites bookmarked including You'll get a warning within minutes when you sign up. 

2. Follow @NewEarthquake on Twitter

RIP Mad Magazine

 Mad Magazine

Episode 1606

A year after moving its base of operations to Los Angeles, Mad Magazine has announced it will soon cease publishing and will only be highlighting previously published content on their website. It's the end of an era. Leo says that the Internet is largely the reason, since there are so many options for getting this kind of humour, and the advertising revenue simply isn't there anymore.

Sam Abuelsamid ... mapped out

Sam Abuelsamid

Episode 1605

Sam joins Leo to talk about HD Maps and how they triangulate your position with not just satellites, but also maps generated from radar and lidar in your car. Accuracy is to the centimetre that way. It's the future of navigation. Mobile Eye is one such company that is working to put HD Maps in cars. Nissan's ProPilot will also have it this fall. Cars are also going to be getting ground penetrating radar to add to the accuracy to the navigation by identifying the location of what's underground as well. All that data is collated and adds to HD Maps. 

Why Do I Have to Reboot My Airport?


Episode 1604

Andy from North Hollywood, CA

Andy is having issues with his AirPort router.  Every day he has to reboot both the router and the modem.  What gives? Leo says the airport eventually will wear out and it's probably time to get a new router. Apple doesn't even update them anymore, nor do they make new ones. Leo recommends ASUS routers that run DD-WRT. New routers will also better handle how internet traffic is running these days.