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How can I get into voiceover work?


Episode 1690

Naomi from Denver, CO

Naomi wants to know if it's worth paying a service to get her voiceover work. Leo says no, he recommends avoiding people who promise to get you work if you pay them. The exception would be taking a voiceover class. is a great place to get started, as is, You signup, upload a sample and then wait for an opportunity. It's those first few gigs that will be the hardest to get. But once you get them under your belt, you get more jobs. Leo also recommends being versatile with voices and put them on your reel.

How can I use my Windows 7 machine on my network without access to the Internet?

Windows 7

Episode 1690

Al from Charlon, MS

Al wants to block all internet traffic coming into his Windows 7 computer so he can use it in his local area network. Leo recommends using the Windows firewall, allowing traffic through 192 for access to your network, and block everything else. You can also do it through the router. 

Should I Get My Money Back For a Canceled Cruise?


Episode 1689

Mike from Cerritos, CA

Mike recently found out their cruise had been canceled. The Cruiseline has offered a 120% credit towards a future cruise, or 140% credit if booked by May. Should he book one for the summer? Leo says nobody knows what the world will be like, and the cruise line doesn't want to give cash back. Leo says to take cash if they offer it. And the real question is ... will that cruise line even be around next year? Leo suspects the industry is going to have a serious shake up and the only sure bet is to get the money back. 

Johnny Jet ... like a rock star

Johnny Jet

Episode 1689

Johnny Jet joins Leo to talk about when travel will rebound and people will start traveling again. Johnny Jet says it'll be a while and when it is, there will be a ton of precautionary things. Some experts are saying it'll take three years to get back to normal travel. Rapid testing will also become part of travel, where passengers will have to pass a health test before you can board. Passing a test before you enter and exit a country will also likely be normal. Airlines will also be smaller, with fewer flights, and fares more expensive in the long term. 

Why Can't I Hear People on VOIP Phone?

Episode 1689

Joey from San Diego, CA

Joey has a basic phone connected to his Obihai and he's having issues hearing people on the other end. Leo says to try swapping out the phone to see if it eliminates the issue. If it persists, it could be the device itself. Another issue could be his upstream. If upload speed is really slow, there could be some severe latency that's dropping the packets in real-time. Also, put the Obihai to the internet connection first, and then add the router. That's how it should be installed.

What's a good open source video conferencing option for Chromebooks?


Episode 1688

Michael from Luka, Italy

Michael wants to know how to video conference with his computer and Chromebook. Leo says that Skype will work just fine with it. They have their own plugin for Chromebooks. But Leo also recommends a new open-source utility called JITSI, which will set up an unlimited number of callers in a grid and it's very easy to set up your own JITSI server. Secure. Fast. And yours. You send your callers a web address, they go to it and they're talking. Nothing to install.

How can I best monitor my kids internet activity?


Episode 1688

Gary from Colorado Springs, CO

Gary wants to be able to know when members of his family login, where they go online and for how long. Leo suggests NextDNS. It's a new DNS standard that has a lot of great features. It's known as a "pie hole," and it can be used to monitor and block suspect websites and bad activity. You go into your router and input the NextDNS DNS settings. It'll also give you privacy since your activity is no longer routed through your ISP. And you can get blacklist and whitelist options, and a huge page of analytics by device. 

Can I create other user IDs on Zoom?


Episode 1688

Lene from Canada

Lene has a Zoom account for video conferencing at work, and she will be setting up meetings while isolating at home. She's worried, though, about using a personal ID for the meeting and giving that ID to other colleagues for creating meetings. Leo recommends creating a separate user ID and pass that along to your colleagues to create other meetings. Leo also says that each user should have their own IDs. 

Johnny Jet .... Close to home


Episode 1687

Johnny Jet has had to cancel several travel conferences lately due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Some have been postponed, but Johnny doesn't see how it's happening. There's also a lot of pressure on Las Vegas to reopen. But Johnny says that in spite of the outbreak, there's still almost as much jet travel going on over the US. But according to the TSA, 95,000 people went through security (including airport workers) vs. over 3 million every day.