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Rod Pyle and the SpaceX Civilian Crew

Rod Pyle

Episode 1828

Rod joins Leo to talk about the first SpaceX all civilian crew that will be launching this week. The Inspiration 4 mission will spend 3 days in high earth orbit and is the brainchild of Jared Isaacman, who is the commander of the mission. The crew was selected by Isaacman as part of a fundraiser for St. Jude's and included a former St. Jude's cancer survivor and Nurse. The launch is scheduled for Wednesday, September 15th.

Why Can’t I See My Media Devices on My WiFi Network?

Google Home

Episode 1828

Victor from Columbia, SC

David can't see his Google Home device and his Chromecast on his wifi network. Leo says if you're on the same network, and can see both, you should be able to see them. But Google Home uses Bluetooth to signal its presence online, so you have to turn on Bluetooth in order to see it, along with WiFi. You don't have to join it, but you do have to turn it on. You also have to look for Load Media Router Component Extension. Here's a how to, from ScooterX.

Johnny Jet ... Daily Tipped

Johnny Jet

Episode 1827

Johnny Jet says that this week is the week to look into your Thanksgiving travel, if you're planning to fly. And it's a great time because airlines aren't charging change fees right now. Additionally, airline credits are set to start expiring, and you can't use more than two credits to book a flight. So if you have more than that, book one-way flights. And if that flight gets canceled by the airline, they have to refund your money.

Rod Pyle: Space Faring

Rod Pyle

Episode 1826

Rod joins Leo to talk about Mars news. Perseverance finally managed to get a sample of a rock, which will be kept for a return mission at a later date. They're hoping by 2027-28, they'll be able to launch a new mission to return it. The less good news is that NASA's relationship with Russia's Space Agency is getting strained due to political issues. Russia feels slighted that they aren't part of NASA's return to the moon. Now they're talking to China, and that leaves the ISS in a state of limbo.

Why Is My Linux Box Getting Notifications of Remote Log Ins?


Episode 1826

Greg from Cypress, CA

Greg starts to get security issues after he installs an app called Gnome on his Linux machine. He's getting warnings of multiple logins. Leo says that he likes Gnome and it's not likely a security issue happening. Gnome is a graphical user interface, not the operating system itself. And if there's remote access to that Linux box, that means there's a server running in the background that's allowing remote access. If you don't use it, you can easily turn it off. 

What Is an ARP?

How ARP Works

Episode 1826

Sean from Alta Dena, CA

Sean wants to know what an ARP is. He keeps getting that message when running ESET. Leo says that there's likely ARP Spoofing that is "spoofing" IP addresses that your computer allows through. It's known as ARP poisoning, and it points to malware spying on your network. But it isn't likely. More often, it's your ISP that's causing the issue. If you're using a router from your provider, it's likely in need of updating, or it's misconfigured. 

How Can I Get Rid of Popups in Microsoft Edge?

Microsoft Edge

Episode 1826

Penny from Seal Beach, CA

Penny scanned her computer with Windows Defender in the hopes that the popups would stop in EDGE. But they haven't. She keeps getting a message that she has a trojan. Leo says it's likely a "phishing scam" where it attempts to get you to click on a link and get you to renew McAfee. Leo says there's likely an "add-on" in her settings that Penny needs to remove. Click on three dots in the upper right of EDGE, then settings-> More -> EDGE extensions. Then select REMOVE to any extension you don't want.

Locast Ceases Streaming Operations of Local TV Channels


Episode 1826

Streaming service Locast ceased operations this week in the middle of an ongoing legal battle with broadcasters. The service argued that since they are a nonprofit, the company was merely providing a service to those who couldn't make use of an antenna. The judge disagreed and said that Locast was using the donations they received to expand into other markets, violating nonprofit rules. Locast could appeal, but Leo says we knew the day would come that they would eventually close their doors. It was inevitable.