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How can I keep my WiFi from dropping out in my house?


Episode 1754

Lex from Richmond, VA

Rich has a room about 35 feet away from the base station, and they have issues with dropouts from it. Leo says that WiFi is a line of sight technology, primarily, and so anything that goes in between the access point and the device can interfere. One way to solve the problem is to put your access point higher up the wall. That will move the signal away from a lot of things that will get in the way.

Rod Pyle ... Showered Sith Starlight

Rod Pyle

Episode 1754

Rod joins Leo to talk about the SpaceX Starship test that happened this week. Starship SN8 worked all the way to the landing, where it crashed and burned. But Rod Pyle says that it accomplished all the test goals it set out to do, and it's on to SN9 now. Rod says that SpaceX will fly crewless with starship for several years before building the larger, crewed version of Starship for a flight to Mars.

How can I get rid of latency in video conferencing?

Video Latency Example

Episode 1754

Craig from Santa Clarita, CA

Craig is an animator and is working at home during the Covid lockdown. They're doing meetings over Zoom and Google meet. But he can't run a video conference and draw digitally at the same time on his Macbook Pro. The lag is terrible. The lag even occurs when he's hard-wired into the router. Chris Marquardt suggests giving OBS Ninja a try. It's very low latency. Check out

Has Apple Banned Zoom in Big Sur?


Episode 1754

Joanne from Oceanside, CA

Joann is looking for an app for Zoom. She's heard that Zoom is barred from the Apple app store for macOS Big Sur. Is this true? Leo says that Apple has really beefed up security on the Mac with Big Sur, and the real issue is that you need to upgrade to the latest zoom version. Go to the Zoom website. That's where you have to get it. Not the app store. Download and install the latest version. 

You can also press the CMD key and space, then type ZOOM. You can then open the Zoom app, and then you can update the app under preferences.

Johnny Jet ... Home for Chrisrmas

Johnny Jet

Episode 1753

Johnny Jet says that with the vaccine rolling out, travel could bounce back in 2021. But he also thinks American travelers will travel around the country first. 

Hawaii is also offering a free round trip for people staying and working for 30 days.

American Airlines is offering home covid tests for $129.

Delta announced the elimination of change fees, along with United (even for Basic Economy Class).

Cyberpunk 2077 Released & is a Huge Download. But There's an Alternative


Episode 1753

The much-anticipated video game Cyberpunk 2077 was released and even with a physical disc, expect an updated download of over 100GB. But there is an alternative. Leo bought the game through Google Stadia and was able to play the game by streaming it. The game-changer here is that it doesn't really matter what platform you play the game on, you'll be able to still play it.

Disney's Upcoming Content 80% Streaming


Episode 1753

During a four hour stream for its annual Investor Day, the Walt Disney Company executives previewed their slate of new content for Star Wars, Marvel, Disney, and National Geographic. Leo says the huge takeaway here is that Disney's upcoming slate is 80% streaming content. That's huge. 

A few days later, it was reported that Disney+ streaming service will be raising its rates in 2021.

Rod Pyle ... on asteroids

Rod Pyle

Episode 1752

Our rocketman Rod Pyle joins Leo to talk about a recent Japanese probe that landed on an asteroid, scooped up a rock sample, and returned it to earth. The mission was HyaBusa 2 and it landed yesterday. The asteroid is an ancient chunk of our solar system which could contain the building blocks on how life was created on earth and what the solar system is made of. 

China is also on a sample return mission, with a probe on the moon. It should bring back 5 pounds of the lunar surface in about two weeks.