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How Can I Tell if a Website Is Safe to Visit?


Episode 1780

Dwayne from Southern California

Dwayne is concerned that he won't know if a website he visits is safe. What if it's been compromised by a hacker? How would you know until it's too late? Leo says that most of us aren't really the target of a hack unless it's a mass attack. And those are a lot easier to defend against. Website attacks are a very common attack, where a hacker will forge the look of a website in an attempt to get you to log into it and steal your login credentials. This happens with bogus bank links. So it's important to be very careful on the links you click on. 

Why Am I Getting Bad Cell Reception and Buffering Online?

Cell Reception

Episode 1779

Vicky from San Diego, CA

Vicky has a problem that she can't have a cellphone conversation unless she goes outside. It works for a few minutes and then begins to break up unless she goes outside. She's also having buffering issues with her TV streaming. Could they be related? Leo says they could be. Modern cellphones have a WiFi calling feature, where the phone routes the cell phone call through the internet. You can disable it in your phone settings. But that doesn't solve your buffering problem, and that points to a bandwidth issue. What Vicky needs to do is find out what her bandwidth speeds are.

Is It Normal to Get 20% Less Than the Advertised Bandwidth Speed?


Episode 1779

Paul from Columbus, OH

Paul is spending up to $75 a month for internet access. He's getting a notice for an alternate service for $60 a month, called WOW, and they are offering an Eero router to boot. They also promise 80% bandwidth speeds, or 800MB down. Leo says it's about right to have a 20% loss over time. But he gets a warning from his alarm service that it goes out. Leo says that Paul is using Ooma, and it could be that there's a thruput issue when balancing your ISP and your internet phone service, which your alarm uses.

NFTs Are All the Rage, but Are They Worth Millions?

Non-Fungable Token

Episode 1779

NFTs, or Non-Fungable Tokens, are all the rage in the digital world these days. One example is a digital artist named Beeple, who has sold digital artwork and made a pretty sizable sum: $69.3 million; the third-highest auction price achieved by a living artist. It's not the work of art itself, since that was a digital JPG, but the ownership of the art itself. It was the first digital item sold by Christie's, and they accepted payment in digital currency: Etherium.

Happy Pi Day

Pie Day

Episode 1779

Today, March 14th (3/14), is Pi Day! Pi is the symbol used by mathematicians to represent the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. So have some Pie!  

It's also the 15th anniversary of Amazon Web Services. S3 was the first service, and these days, just about everyone runs their storage and app traffic through Amazon S3. Leo says we can call it the official birthday of the Cloud.

Johnny Jet ... Summer is coming

Johnny Jet

Episode 1778

Johnny joins Leo to talk about how summer is coming and travel is roaring back to life. The big deal is if the vaccines will block variant Covid strains and if people will continue to follow mask protocols. Johnny hasn't been on a plane in over a year, and he's hopeful since the FAA is reporting the largest amount of air traffic since March of 2020. Internationally, it may take a bit longer. In addition to buying plane tickets, now is a good time to make car rental reservations for the summer.

How Can I Stream My Church Service?


Episode 1778

Troy from Fontana, CA

Troy is going to be doing live streaming of his church service using the OBM project. But he is having trouble understanding how to manage multiple streams at the same time and be able to manage the ads that are put in the stream. Dubbed Content Delivery Network (CDN). Leo says that Vimeo is a good option. If only audio matters, check out IceCast and ShoutCast. But he'll have to host it himself if he goes with Icecast. Troy will also need a converter in the streaming software to put it into the IceCast format.  Leo recently moved to a new hosting service to handle all that.