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How Can I Get the Password to My AOL Email?


Episode 1831

Gloria from Homosassa, Florida

Gloria has an AOL email account that she has had for years. But she can't remember her password and now she can't get her email. Leo says that since AOL was sold, they have been transitioning everyone, which can require her to relog in. Leo says she can go into and reset her password. Use the "I Forgot" feature. It will then prompt her to reset the password or recover it. They may require a recovery phone number so they can text message her a code.

Why Is Streaming With Apple TV+ So Bad?

Apple TV+

Episode 1831

Jim from Glendale, CA

Jim has a Sony Bravia 4K TV. But he keeps having issues streaming his Apple TV.  Leo says that Apple TV can stream up to 30MBps, and that's a lot to cover through WiFi. Leo recommends hardwiring it. That will avoid any congestion. Or pick up a WiFi 6 router. That could make the signal more prolific. If talking about the Apple TV+ software on his Sony Bravia, Leo recommends trying the Apple TV hardware instead. Apps on a Smart TV aren't all that great and are rarely updated. And talk is, that the Apple TV+ app isn't that well-written.

How Can I Avoid Getting Junk Calls?


Episode 1831

Ken from Chicago, IL

Ken is thinking about using Google Voice, but he's concerned about privacy. Leo says that Google Voice adds a layer of privacy, as it gives a separate phone number and he can then reroute all calls from that number, to the personal number. And it also has voicemail and transcription of any messages left. It's a very good choice for privacy. And don't worry, Google can't listen in on calls. Another option is MySudo. It's an app that creates a phantom phone number that he can use.  But expect a lot of robocalls. 

Scott Wilkinson ... a firm Foundation

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1831

Scott watched the first two episodes of FOUNDATION on AppleTV+ this week. Scott says the basic overall concept of the story is the same, but they're taking a lot of artistic liberty with the story and characters. But the look of Foundation is spectacular. Images are in HDR and are just stunning.  By contrast, though, the sound is pretty poorly mixed. The dialogue is hard to understand. 

Can I Switch My Email Address Without Losing Data?


Episode 1829

Scott from Hesperia, CA

Scott wants to switch from an alma mater email account to a new one without losing the data on his phone. He wants to rename it. Leo says that Google may allow him to change it on the phone. But there are limits. He can't go from one Gmail account to another, for instance. Here are the details -

Is There a DVR for OTA Recording?


Episode 1829

Jeff from Pasadena, CA

Jeff is amazed by the uncompressed quality of HDTV you can get with a TV antenna. Leo says that's because the signal is sent over the airwaves uncompressed. You don't get that with cable or streaming. But is there a DVR for over-the-air recording? Leo says yes, there are a few. TIVO makes one. ChannelMaster is very popular. And then there's the SiliconDust HDHomeRun. Leo likes the HDHomeRun the best. One box can feed multiple TV and mobile devices around the entire house. But it's just a box.