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How Can I Make My Video Open Source?


Episode 1811

Mark from Palm Springs, CA

Mark has a video on youtube about what pollutes more ... electric vehicles or gas?  He wants to make it available for anyone to distribute, re-edit, etc. Is that open source? Leo says no. It's actually "Creative Commons." That's the phrase he's looking for. Legally, copyright exists once one publishes their work. But what people can do with it can be anywhere from Public Domain to Strictly copyrighted.

Billionaires Battle to Go Into Space

Blue Origin

Episode 1811

The latest battle for space is being waged by billionaires. Jeff Bezos with Blue Origin is up against Sir Richard Branson with Virgin Galactic. And it looks like Branson is going to beat Bezos into space, launching his reusable space plane Unity Sunday. Bezos will be going up a week later. Leo says it used to be the battle of who can build the biggest yacht. Now it's who launches in a spaceship. Meanwhile, Elon Musk has sold all his houses and is living in a trailer in Texas to oversee the development of the SpaceX Starship for a journey to Mars.

Johnny Jet ... Record Setting

Johnny Jet

Episode 1810

Johnny joins Leo to talk about travel. Record-setting numbers from the TSA with more people going through security checkpoints than pre-pandemic numbers in 2019!  Most hotels are selling out now, but business hotels aren't because conferences aren't happening. So the best deals right now are at hotels that cater to business clients.  Travel Zoo - $199 San Francisco Hilton, incl. free parking.

Right now, there's a shortage of Uber/Lyft drivers, so passengers are waiting longer to get a pickup.  

Also, look now for great deals for traveling over the holidays.

How Can I Recover My Facebook?


Episode 1810

Frank from Santa Ana, CA

Frank's Facebook account got hacked and changed his recovery options so he can't get it back. That's why Leo suggests turning on two-factor authentication so they can't change the password. Frank will need to contact Facebook to gain control back. They'll require an ID to authenticate. He can also assign a trusted contact, so they can verify that Frank has lost his account and he can get it back. 

Member of Mercury 13 Going into Space

Wally Funk

Episode 1810

Wally Funk, whose real name is Mary Wallace, will become the oldest person to go into space when she joins billionaire Jeff Bezos for a suborbital voyage onboard the Blue Origin New Glen spacecraft. Wallace is also a member of the famed Mercury 13 group on women who underwent the same battery of tests as the original NASA astronauts, but who were never able to make it into space. Now, 60 years later, Wally gets her chance.

Why Won't Gmail Let Me Log in Through a VPN or Hotspot?


Episode 1809

Ken from Topinabee, MI

Ken has a number of emails running in Outlook. A few are Gmail. Everything works fine at home, but Gmail thinks he's being hacked and won't let him log in when he uses a hotspot or VPNs. So he has to go outside the VPN to log into Gmail in order to register the IP. And that only works sometimes. Leo says to go into the Outlook settings and make sure you have a proper profile created using GMail's SMTP for those Gmail addresses, along with your login and password. Leo suspects that is where the hiccup lies. Also, turn on two-factor authentication.

Rod Pyle and Aliens Unclassified

Rod Pyle

Episode 1809

Rod joins Leo to talk about the latest UFO report, which was delivered this week. The news is that Mars dust is virtually everywhere in our solar system. Meanwhile, the office of national intelligence has released the preliminary assessment of UFOs/UAPs. It's a 9 page declassified report and the conclusion is, we don't know what it is. We know that it is. Rod thinks that they are drones that are being used to provoke the Navy to scan them so that they can learn about their evolving technology.

Is There a Faster DNS Out There or Are They Just Slow?


Episode 1808

Lee from Carbondale, IL

Lee wants to know more about DNS addresses and how they are recorded. Leo says that DNS is the actual address of a website or server. When one inputs the URL, it gets looked up and the traffic routed to the DNS address. Are Frontier's DNS settings OK? Leo says they tend to be a bit slower. But nobody needs to use their DNS settings. Try Cloudflare's as the DNS server. It's very fast. is another. Leo uses NextDNS. he replaced OpenDNS with it a while ago because its security is far better. It's free for the first 300,000 queries a month, and then it's a buck a month.