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Why Doesn't My 4K Smart TV Stream in 4K?


Episode 1817

Jose from Modesto, CA

Jorge has a 4K SmartTV, but when he streams YouTube on it, it's not in 4K. What gives? Leo says to make sure the YouTube app on the TV is capable of streaming in 4K. It's likely the app isn't 4K capable. What Leo recommends is to use the Roku 4K streaming device. Let it do the streaming. That way, the 4K processing will be handled by the Roku device. Also, YouTube TV charges $20 more a month for 4K streaming. So if he doesn't have that subscription, he won't be streaming in 4K. 

Johnny Jet and the Cancelled Spirit

Johnny Jet

Episode 1817

Spirit Airlines has been cancelling hundreds of flights all week, stranding many customers at airports, as they scramble to find another carrier. The problem is, that Spirit doesn't have any agreements with other airlines to put you on another flight. It was so bad, that gate agents were hiding. American Airlines had problems with cancelled flights too, but it wasn't nearly as bad. Why was it happening? Johnny says that airlines weren't expecting a travel surge that happened this week and they don't have the trained staff to accommodate it.

Should I Buy My Email Service?


Episode 1817

Micah from Maine

Micah is about to move out of Maine and wants to be able to move his email to a reliable provider. Leo says that email is too important to rely on free email. Leo recommends paying for the service. He uses FastMail. The cost is about $230 for three years (or $80 a year). Leo also recommends getting his own domain name for it. That way, if he changes providers, it doesn't impact his email. He can use Hover to register the domain.

Rod Pyle and Knee Deep in Lunar Simulant

Rod Pyle

Episode 1816

Rod joins Leo from Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral. Rod is there for the International Space Settlement Design competition for high school kids. They give the kids a request for proposal and get them to design a Mars Settlement. The kids then figure out everything for the design over the course of three or four days. Rod is covering it for Ad Astra magazine, and he says that the kid's attention is rapt and intense. Check out for more information.

Why Can’t I Log Into YouTube Through Steam?


Episode 1816

Gabriel from Lake Elsinore, CA

Gabe is having trouble logging into YouTube using Steam's Overlay browser. He gets a browser not secure warning. But if he uses a different Gmail account, he can get in. Leo suspects that the Browser is using a format that YouTube no longer supports.  It turns out that YouTube has made a change that doesn't support the Overlay Browser. Here's a Steam note on it, and another here.

Can I Use Satellite Internet on a Boat?


Episode 1816

Chris from Gig Harbor, WA

Chris wants to know if Starlink is good for a boat. Leo says that they want you to stay on land with it. But there may be plans in the future, according to The Verge. Wild Blue's Exceed is supposed to be better, but you're moving around with a boat, which means constantly realigning the satellite signal. So the problem is likely going to be the same. Since Chris is mostly in a sound with his boat, cellular may be a better option.

Navy Vessels Have Position Faked on GPS, Causing Concern Hackers Could Start a War


Episode 1816

Over 100 navy vessels from various countries, including Russia and the US, have had their GPS location hacked to make it look like they are unlawfully entering a nation's waters. Leo says that the hackers have been quite busy with not only messing with military ship GPS but also commercial traffic. And it has governments concerned that they could accidentally cause an international incident or even conflict.

Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up hits a Billion Views on YouTube

 Never Gonna Give You Up

Episode 1815

Thanks to the so-called Rickroll phenomenon, Rick Astley's music video NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP has surpassed one billion plays, a rare achievement on the streaming site. Astley took to social media to thank fans, calling the achievement "amazing, and crazy." But Leo suspects that Astley isn't really getting that Rickrolling is a punk, not a compliment.

Why Can't I Log Into My Verizon Account?


Episode 1815

Stan from Huntington Beach, CA

Stan has an email account with, but now he can't log into it. Leo says that Verizon bought Yahoo and then recently sold it, and since then, people have been having trouble logging into their accounts. It may also be that since Stan's account is a very old account, and he has since canceled the phone service, it may be that the company simply turned it off. Or turned the servers off. Verizon has retired its email service as well. Either way, this is becoming a common problem.