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What's a Good Email Alternative?


Episode 1783

Herb from Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Herb has been having issues with one of his AT&T email accounts just stopped working in Apple Mail, and he had to spend hours to fix it. AT&T uses Yahoo mail, and it's going through a bad patch right now.  What are his alternatives for a new email client? Leo says that Gmail is a great free email client that will also let you keep your existing email at AT&T and go get it from time to time. Gmail also has great spam filters. You can also get a third-party app called Spam Sieve to filter out spam before it gets to your mailbox. 

What Router Should I Buy?


Episode 1782

Rick from Capistrano Beach, CA

Rick has been having issues with his wifi router. He has dropouts, and he has to unplug it and plug it back along with his modem. Leo says that when a router starts to fail a lot, that indicates that it's wearing out and it's time to replace it. Leo says that if you are renting from your ISP, he recommends turning in your cable modem and request a new DOCSIS 3.1 model. Or buy your own and save the rental fee.  Should he get a mesh router? Leo says that if you have a house that's greater than 1300 sq. feet, then it's worth it. But smaller than that, and a regular router is fine.

How Can I Bond Two ISPs So That One Takes Over Automatically When the Other Drops Out?

Speedify VPN

Episode 1781

Gary from Buffalo, NY

Gary has two internet services, T-Mobile and Spectrum. One is for work. He wants to be able to hook them up, so if one goes down, the other picks up. But there's a lag when he uses Zoom. Leo says you can do it with Speedify. It's a VPN that does what's called "failover." But it causes that latency because it goes through different servers. Leo does it with his Ubiquity router Edge Router X and two WAN ports. There's zero latency. TPLink also does that, and they make good stuff. 

Rod Pyle: Back to the Moon with the SLS

Rod Pyle

Episode 1781

Rod joins Leo to talk about the Space Launch System, which NASA plans to use to go back to the moon by 2027. This week, there was a successful test of the SLS main engines, which ran for over eight minutes straight. Rod says the Saturn V was very robust, and it only flew a few times before it was man-rated. That was known as "all-up testing," where they were testing everything all at once - a gutsy way to do it. NASA is taking a more incremental approach this time. 

How Can I Get Help Booking a Vaccine if I Have Accessibility Issues?

Vaccinate LA

Episode 1780

Julian from Los Angeles, CA

Julian is TWIT's resident accessibility expert, and he's calling in because he heard Leo talk about accessibility with a previous caller. Some have had difficulties using the web for booking their vaccines. Julian says that VaccinateLA offers a phone booking at 833-540-0473. They'll ask several questions, but pressing 1-1-1-1 will get you to a phone operator who can search for you. It is a lot easier.

Johnny Jet: Hiding Away

Johnny Jet

Episode 1780

Johnny Jet is traveling again for the first time in a year.  It's a road trip to Santa Barbara, and he's staying at a "hideaway." The nice thing about Santa Barbara is that everyone is sensitive to wearing masks. And he's not alone. The TSA reports that there's been over a million traveling through airports for nine days in a row. So travel is making its way back. Hawaii is opening up. Kaui is opening on April 5th. 

This week's travel tips -

1. Never leave anything of value in your car, especially if it'll be visible.