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Rod Pyle: Suborbital Shatner

Rod Pyle

Episode 1838

Rod Pyle joins Leo to talk about William Shatner going into space with Blue Origin's New Shepard suborbital space tourism flights. Rod says that Shatner has made a commitment to push the flights in a variety of interviews, as well as for STEM education. Blue Origin is also offering a service where they will fly postcards into space, cancel the postage, and send it back to you as a souvenir.  Rod Pyle says that Shatner also wants to join the conversation on renewable energy sources, including solar satellites that can transmit energy down to the planet. 

How Can I Get Rid of Popups?


Episode 1838

Faith from Anaheim, CA

Faith has an HP computer with Windows 10 and she's getting a lot of popups and ads. Is there a company she can take the computer to handle this problem? Leo says to check out Nerds on Site. But what's likely going on is that there's probably an extension installed in her browser and it's causing all those popups. It's very common. It may also be some software that Faith accidentally installed that's causing it. Fortunately, those are relatively easy to remove.

How Can I Recover Deleted Email in Hotmail?

MSN Hotmail

Episode 1838

Brenda from Palm Springs, CA

Brenda can't receive or send emails from Microsoft Hotmail. They say she has to make room. So she deleted a bunch and ended up deleting her inbox. Is there any way to get them back? Leo says maybe. Leo says there should be an option "recover items deleted from this folder" in the trash can folder. If that doesn't work, then you're out of luck. 

Is Dreamweaver Still Good for Building a Website?

Adobe Dreamweaver

Episode 1838

Joe from Knoxville, TN

Joe used to use Dreamweaver and Fusion to design his eCommerce websites. But the industry is moving away from dedicated apps to create websites. Leo says that's because many of the tools are now in the Cloud. Most are custom proprietary tools that are managed by companies like SquareSpace or WordPress. The downside is, you're locked into their hosting services. If you're into eCommerce, Leo recommends Shopify or SquareSpace. So unless you want to run your own site and create your own dedicated pages, you'll have to code your own back end.

How Fast Is Internet Aboard a Cruise Ship These Days?


Episode 1838

Don from Springfield, IL

Don is going on a family cruise to the Bahamas soon. Has the internet gotten better for watching Netflix? Leo says that Royal Caribbean has spent a lot of money to improve the speed of their internet access. Called Voom, the speed has gotten fast enough to stream video, for sure. But remember that during peak times, that speed will drop dramatically, as everyone uses the available bandwidth. Keep in mind though, you will be paying for it, and it's not cheap.

Johnny Jet ... Local Traveling


Episode 1837

This week's travel news - United has announced eight new routes to escape to ocean islands like the Azores.

Meanwhile, at Southwest, they've had to cancel thousands of flights due to a combination of factors. Some having to do with bad weather, but a lot of pilots had "blue flu" in protest of the vaccine mandates. But at the end of the day, Johnny Jet says that Southwest has just been too aggressive with their flight schedule and with the slightest delays, it's caused by missed flights and cancellations. Staff shortages are also causing problems. 

How Can I Open a PDF Without Internet Explorer?


Episode 1837

Diego from Los Angeles, CA

Diego bought a service manual online for his car and he's having issues opening it through the browser. Leo says EDGE should be able to open PDF files, and it should be on the computer already. But when Diego does that, the CD freezes. Leo says it could be copy-protected, and that could be causing the problem. If he can get it off the CD, that would help. But they may have coded it in such a way that he can only open it through Internet Explorer due to copy protection. But Microsoft has killed Internet Explorer now. So Diego may be stuck.