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How Can I Play Music on My Alexa?

Amazon Echo

Episode 1832

Daniel from Fresno, CA

Daniel wants to know if Apple still offers iTunes Match. Leo says they do, though it's been replaced by Apple Music. But you can still subscribe for $25 a year. It'll then upload all the songs on your devices and match them in complete AAC sound. It won't be available on the Apple streaming service, but in your iCloud Library. Will that prevent it from playing on my Amazon Alexa? Leo says that Amazon took that feature out, so you can't now. Annoying. 

What’s the Best Satellite Internet Option?


Episode 1832

Newt from Aliso Viejo, CA

Newt wants to know what's the best option for satellite internet. Leo says that Elon Musk's Starlink really is the best bet out there. It keeps getting faster as SpaceX launches more satellites, with the goal of having total global coverage. But it's not cheap at $99 a month and over $500 for the equipment. But for a rural area, it's the best bet. 

Should he get a new iMac now, or wait? Leo says that Apple is about to announce new macs next month, so it's definitely worth waiting for, especially if you want a larger screen.

Why Can’t I Fill In a Form Online With an Email Address?


Episode 1832

Mike from San Luis Obispo, CA

Mike keeps having problems where online forms won't accept his email address, saying it's not a valid email. It doesn't matter what browser or computer he uses. What gives? Leo says to make sure you're using a US region keyboard in the regional settings. It may have been changed unwittingly. It also could be an issue with your keyboard driver. Gmail also acknowledges dots and dashes in an email, while some websites do not. So if you have, Gmail will accept that, but a form may not. 

How Can I Get Rid of Spam?


Episode 1831

Bill from Whitchita, TX

Bill keeps getting a ton of spam. If he clicks on unsubscribe, will that end it? Leo says not likely. More likely it'll just confirm he's a real person. He can use the spam filter in the email, but often a false positive will mean he can lose an email he actually wants. The best way to do it is to check and see if the service offers antispam at the server level. That way he will never see it. So check with the ISP.  Leo used to use Gmail, which has some really good spam filters. So that's an option. Can I block the sender?

How Can I Recover My Domain Name?


Episode 1831

Jeff from Pasadea, CA

Jeff has a bunch of domain names and websites, but the person who set them up has disappeared. Now he has to renew the domains, and he can't. Leo says that what is likely happened is that the guy who set up the websites, listed himself as the point of contact. And with domain hijacking, registrars are reluctant to transfer them, no matter how legitimate the story is.  The only thing he can do is hope that the registrar gives in and changes the point of contact to him. He can "scrape the website" to get all the content and then rebuild it with a new domain name.

How Can I Get the Password to My AOL Email?


Episode 1831

Gloria from Homosassa, Florida

Gloria has an AOL email account that she has had for years. But she can't remember her password and now she can't get her email. Leo says that since AOL was sold, they have been transitioning everyone, which can require her to relog in. Leo says she can go into and reset her password. Use the "I Forgot" feature. It will then prompt her to reset the password or recover it. They may require a recovery phone number so they can text message her a code.