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Rod Pyle: Back to the Moon

Rod Pyle

Episode 1789

Rod joins Leo to talk about NASA awarding SpaceX a $2.9 Billion contract to develop the Human Landing System for a return to the moon. Elon Musk says that Starship will go to the moon by 2023, and Musk is planning to build them at scale very soon along with its booster. But Rod thinks no earlier than 2025 or 26. The contract will certainly help speed that along. 

In other space news, Ingenuity, the Mars helicopter drone, is scheduled to make its maiden flight at 12:30 PT. It'll fly up to 10 feet and hover for 20 seconds.

Why Can't I Suddenly Get WiFi?


Episode 1789

Seraphine from Los Angeles, CA

Seraphine is suddenly suffering from no WiFi. She was "borrowing a cup" from a neighbor, but now she can't get it. Leo says it's possible that the modem has died and you need another. Or you have a bad cable. It's also possible that the WiFI router is bad. If it's a router/modem combo, even more so.  The lights on your modem mean something, and if you look at the manual, it'll tell you if there's something wrong. Routers can also wear out. It may be time to replace it. 

How Can I Improve Search Results for My Business?

Google Webmaster Tools

Episode 1789

Fletch from Groveland, FL

Fletch's wife has started a new online business. But they are having issues with Google Analytics working properly. Leo says it's a bit of a job to get it set up on your website. But once you get it properly coded, there's a lot of great data you can manage with it.  Fletch also wants to improve results when people search for her in Google. Leo says to ignore emails promising to improve her "SEO" (search engine optimization). There's a lot of snake oil out there.

Johnny Jet ... Speaking on the Ritz

Episode 1788

In travel news, it's practically impossible to rent a car these days, since during the pandemic, most rental car companies sold off a lot of their inventory. Now they are struggling to get cars to rent. Prices can be as high as $300 a day due to the demand and limited inventory right now. Tropical locations like Florida and Hawaii are huge for booking travel right now. There are set rules for visiting Hawaii. Check out and review them. Last thing you want is to travel to Hawaii and be refused entry or forced to quarantine for your entire stay.

Rod Pyle and the Preserving Helicopter

Rod Pyle

Episode 1787

Rod joins Leo to talk about Space News. Today was supposed to be the day that Perseverance, the helicopter on the Mars Inspiration Rover was supposed to take flight. But it's been delayed until the 14th due to a software error in the blade control mechanism. And considering it has to fly autonomously, they want to be sure everything is ready to work perfectly. Rod says NASA is being extra careful. You don't want to crash on your first flight, even if it is only for 40 seconds. 

Should I Get T-Mobile Home Internet?


Episode 1787

Lynn from Sylmar, TN

Lynn would like to get better internet service. Spectrum is terrible. Leo says that wireless internet is about to take off. Elon Musk's Starlink is a bit expensive at $99 a month, but it's going to get faster over time. Cellular internet is the next big thing, and T-Mobile is leading the way there. And it would be ideal for Lynn since he lives in a rural area. Not much competition on the cellular tower. So if you want to give it a go, it may be worth trying. 

Why Can't I Get My Gmail With Outlook?


Episode 1786

Thomas from Tustin, California

Thomas is having trouble getting an email from Gmail through Outlook. Leo says he will have to be sure that IMAP is turned on in the Outlook settings. Here's a technote on what to do - Leo also recommends going with FastMail. He'll have to pay for it, but it has additional features that make it worth the money. 

Johnny Jet gets Booked

Johnny Jet

Episode 1786

Johnny Jet booked some travel this week with Avello Airlines, a brand new carrier that flies the latest 737-800s.  $19 one way to limited cities. They have fees though. $10 per bag. $35 for carry ons. The idea here is to make loading the plane more efficient so the flight can get away on time. American Airlines is giving away 100 million miles. Delta is also offering to change flights for free, but read the fine print because they can stick you with a middle seat and an additional stop, or even a different airport.