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Scott Wilkinson and the Biased Light

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1808

Scott answers a question from a listener today who bought an LG Nano 91 TV, and wants to know about biased lighting. Scott says that biased lighting is good in a dark room because it eases the strain your eyes experience when watching a TV in the dark. The lighting gets placed behind the TV and is only needed when you watch TV in a darkened room.  It's not needed if your TV is in a bright, ambient room. But it's recommended in the dark, as the TV puts out a bright light that can tire your eyes.

How Can I Connect My TV to My Sonos Speakers?

Sonos Speaker

Episode 1807

Jason from Henrico, VA

Jason is blind and wants to route the audio from his TIVO to his Sonos speakers, so he can hear all over the house. Leo says that electronics "age out," and Sonos deprecated a lot of gear in a recent update. So there has to be a third-party workaround. If your Sonos has a line in, you could hardwire it. That's the way to go. But the Roam Bluetooth speaker doesn't. There is a raspberry pi way to do it using a Pi-Sonos server. It's cheap too at $35 for the Pi.

Scott Wilkinson and the True Demo

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1806

Scott experiences a demo of a true holographic display this week, and it made Scott realize why people don't really like 3D. It presents a high cognitive load on viewers, where they have to process two separate signals to get a faux 3D experience. It causes headaches and is ultimately uncomfortable. And it doesn't really work. What you really need is a true holographic display that works in 3D space, and he saw that this week. Completely glasses-free. Avalon Holographics uses light field projection to create the holographic image.

Can I Hear Hi-Res Music Better With New Apple TV?

Apple TV

Episode 1801

Tom from New Hampshire

Tom recently picked up a new Apple TV. It's his third one. And since it supports Hi-res music, Tom wants to know how it will sound? Leo says that with good speakers or headphones, users with "golden ears" will definitely be able to tell the difference. The music also has to be mixed that way. And even then, those who listen to mp3s and don't really care may not. It all comes down to how he can listen to music. Hint - none of the AirPods will be able to. 

What's the Best OLED?


Episode 1800

Fred from San Pedro, CA

Fred is in the market for the best OLED TV he can get. He wants the clearest, sharpest image for live sports. Leo says that OLED is the best option for that. It would be Plasma, but they aren't made anymore. OLED makes sports look great. Leo likes LG OLEDs, but in the latest HDTV shootout, the Sony  AG9 won. So Fred would be fine either way with those OLED models. And if he can get the 2019 models, he will get a better deal and the image will look just as good.  Look to drop about $2K-4K.  What about Samsung?

Scott Wilkinson... gone Coo Coo

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1800

Scott joins Leo to talk about a new streaming speaker system out there called Coo Coo, which streams live music from all over the world. Scott says the idea is that the music is designed to go with the speakers and so you need to subscribe to the season. Four seasons a year. It's a completely live performance, with no recordings, that are streamed directly to the speakers over the Internet. And when there isn't a concert scheduled, you hear live ambient sound from nature or a city square.

Why Doesn't My Universal Remote Work With My Roku?


Episode 1799

Jim from Big Bear, CA

Jim noticed that the volume control on his remote no longer works with Roku, and he's discovered this is a known issue with Roku after a recent update. And it's even worse now after Roku tried to fix it. Leo suspects that Roku may have removed Jim's universal remote from its working database, and as such, only the most basic functions will work, and apparently volume isn't one of them.