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Sam Abuelsmid sings an Aria

Sam Abuelsamid

Episode 1712

Sam Abuelsamid joins Leo to talk about Nissan's new electric vehicle, called the Nissan Aria. It will use CCS charging, which will offer 130 kW and faster charging. Sam adds that it's a typical compact SUV like the Toyota Rav 4. It will also have a level 3 auto-driving system with geofencing and speed limitations. It will also have a black box system to record all data and save it in an open format accessible through the OBD2 port. Drivers also won't have to take control very often when the system is engaged. 

The Giz Wiz and the Goose Neck


Episode 1711

This compact goose-neck clip lamp offers 3 Color Modes (3000K, 4500K & 6500K) plus 10 levels of brightness, so you can create 30 illumination modes. Be aware that the light itself is on the small side, about 1.5" across, but it puts out a nice amount of light. The company says the box contains a UL Certified Adapter, which is much safer than the other adapters. Besides the AC adapter, this clip light has a 4.8 feet USB cord which you can easy to plug into any available USB port. (You can use a external battery pack too.

Should I Wait to Buy a New MacBook Pro?

16 Inch Macbook Pro

Episode 1710

Ann from Fullerton, California

Ann's Macbook Pro is stuck on OSX Yosemite. Apple says they can't update her to Catalina. Leo says Yosemite isn't all that old. 

So now she wants to get a new Mac. Leo says the longer you can wait, the better. She's worried that if she buys an Intel-based mac now, it'll be worthless tomorrow. Leo says that isn't true. Apple is committed to Intel for the next two years at least, while it develops its new ARM-based Apple Silicon chips. It'll be a steady transition to their own chips. 

Sam Abuelsamid ... the downside

Sam Abuelsamid

Episode 1710

Sam joins Leo to talk about how regular auto companies cannot sell direct to customers without independent dealers. Tesla has no dealerships, so they can sell direct. Sam says it was a good deal in the early days because auto companies didn't have to sit on inventory and dealerships were local businesses offering services. But now, it's more of a challenge because the market has changed, leaving the traditional business model is in flux. 

The Giz Wiz and Something Completely Different


Episode 1709

Check out LED Flashlight Gloves. They sell for roughly $15.00 or $7.50 each. The idea is to wear them sort of as portable flashlights. There's an on and off button and 2 LED lamps, one on the forefinger and one on the thumb of each glove. Since they're worn on your hands there's no need to hold a traditional flashlight so doing chores in the dark should be easy. They come with no instructions, but fortunately there's the photo on Amazon which makes it easy to see how to wear them.

What Wireless Printer Should I Buy?

Episode 1709

Max from Newport Beach, CA

Max is looking for a small and simple wireless printer that's easier to use. Leo says that most printers are wireless these days, connecting to the network. An inkjet is probably the best if one needs color, but understand that they'll need to use it regularly in order to keep the ink flowing without getting the heads clogged. If one seldom uses it, a color laser printer is the best bet, but the colors aren't bright and not for printing photos. 

What Mic Do I Need for Voiceover Work?


Episode 1709

Joe from San Clemente, CA

Joe's son wants to get into voiceover. He's been doing video editing in school but wants to move over to voice work. What microphone and mixer should he get? Leo says that a mixer may not be necessary. Start with a USB Microphone and go into the computer directly. However, Behringer has a podcast setup that has a mixer and mic for a very low cost. What about the Blue Yeti? Leo isn't a fan for that purpose. He recommends a SHURE SM58. Also, get a Focusrite Scarlet. Those two will give a great sound.

Is the new outdoor Wyzecam a good camera for live streaming?

Sal from Ohio

Sal calls to let Leo know about WyzeCam's latest outdoor wireless cam, was just released. Leo says that's a cool design, but it's designed to be battery powered and only turns on with movement, to conserve battery life. So using it as a stecontinuous ady live stream would be problematic. But for a security camera, they will hangle up to 20 events a day for up to two months before recharging.