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Sam Abuelsamid: Charging Off Road

Sam Abuelsamid

Episode 1783

Sam joins Leo to talk about the Netflix series: Drive to Survive, about Formula 1 racing. Leo says it's gotten him to start watching the actual races. Sam says that Formula 1 racing has been traditionally expensive, with companies spending nearly a half-billion a year on the effort. There is technology transfer between racing and actual car manufacturing. And companies like Ferrari have their entire reputation built on racing performance and success. 

How Can I Use an Old Rotary Phone on UVerse?

Rotary Phone

Episode 1782

Elaine from El Segundo, CA

Elaine recently had AT&T rewire her house for UVerse service, but a day later, her phone won't dial out. Leo says a call to AT&T to ensure Diane has an outbound calling plan is a good idea. It may also be that Diane's phone is an old analog phone and so it doesn't make the tones that UVerse looks for. Leo says to check out Pioneershoppe.com for one that supports UVerse. There's also DialGizmo.com.

The Giz Wiz and the New Tech Thingies

Dick Debartolo

Episode 1782

Dickie D got a new monitor this week.  The LG 29WN600 Ultra Wide Screen Monitor.  The resolution is Full HD (2560 x 1080), and it's an IPS display. It also includes 2 7-watt stereo speakers with Audio Maxx technology. With HDR SRGB 99% Color Gamut, it's also HDR 10 Compatiblewith OnScreen Control that lets you divide the screen real estate 18 different ways with as many as 8 different images on the 29” display at some time. MSRP: $249.99, but it's $225.99 on Amazon as of 3/21/21. 

Chip Shortage Making High End Tech Scarce

Computer Chip

Episode 1782

Due partly to the Covid pandemic and partly due to a recent fire at a factory in Japan, there is a serious chip shortage now, causing car manufacturers to stop production and prices to rise on high-end tech like video cards and other devices. Coupled with how high the price is now on bitcoin that is prompting scalpers to buy up video cards for bitcoin mining, it's making it really hard for the rest of us to get Playstation 5s, video cards, and other devices. 

Why Do My AV Receivers Keep Dying?


Episode 1782

Ed from Tulsa, OK

Ed has bought three AV receivers over the last five years, and all three have died in less than two years. Leo says that adding a surge suppressor that does power conditioning and an uninterruptable power supply will guard against "dirty power" and power spikes that can happen after a power outage. It's not normal for AV receivers, or any tech, to die too quickly and consistently. So it points to something other than the device itself. Leo also recommends not putting them in a sealed cabinet, which can cause overheating. You can also look for a line conditioner.

Why Can't I Use My M1 Mac After an Update?

2020 M1 Mac Mini

Episode 1781

Peter from Brooklyn, NY

Peter bought an M1 Mac, but he's having an issue with it. He tried to update from Apple, but it won't update, and now he can't recreate his account after reinstalling macOS.  Leo says that many people are having this issue, and the fix requires a device firmware update, or DFU, that requires a second Mac, which isn't very helpful. Here's now - https://9to5mac.com/2020/12/31/how-to-restore-m1-macs-reinstall-macos/.

What Happened to My Printer After a Firmware Update?

Epson 2750

Episode 1781

George from Bayonette Point, GA

George has an Epson printer, but he tried to update the firmware, and now Windows won't recognize it. Leo says you can access the recovery mode by hooking the printer up to your computer via USB. But it may require repair by Epson. Contact Epson and see if they can help you. From the chatroom, there's a discussion on REDDIT about how a recent firmware update can brick your Epson Printer. Read it here.

Sam Abuelsamid: Recycled and Raw

Sam Abuelsamid

Episode 1781

Sam joins Leo to talk about the challenges that are ahead producing enough batteries for widely adapting electric vehicles and making them more affordable. One of the big challenges will be the recycling of depleted car batteries. VW has opened a recycling plant and they believe they could recover up to 95% of the battery components and reuse them in new batteries. That would definitely make it easier to reach the goals of making EVs dominant in the car industry.  

Check out the video of the process here -