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Why do my Philips Hue lights disconnect from WiFi?

Philips Hue Lights

Episode 1716

Jonathan from Scottsdale, AZ

Jonathan has a Philips Hue lights and uses the Wiz App to control them. But they keep disconnecting. Leo says that's a common problem, and he says that using the Home Hub will make WiFi connection to the lights more consistent. But Leo also thinks that the smart lights are more of a gimmick these days and really more hassle than they are worth. And they are expensive too. 

In general, smart home IoT as a technology still has a long way to go. 

Sam Abuelsamid ... towed

Sam Abuelsamid

Episode 1716

Sam joins Leo to talk about what truck you should buy if you want to not only tow something but do it in a high tech fashion. Sam says the latest technology in towing, offers trailer sway control and trailer backup assist. 

Trailer sway control prevents the trailer from moving side to side in windy conditions. The TSC recovers all by itself through a series of braking maneuvers on each wheel and adjusting the torque of the engine until the trailer is going straight again. All automatically. 

Why Isn't My Surface Pro PC Being Updated?

Surface Pro 7

Episode 1715

Jose from Modesto, CA

Jose has a Windows Surface Pro PC that hasn't been updated to the latest Windows 10 yet. What gives? Leo says that those are "feature updates" and Microsoft is updating the Surface Pro hardware last. Don't try and force it. It'll come sooner or later. And really, there's nothing in it Jose really needs right now. Security updates through "Patch Tuesday," and other critical updates will come separately and those are more important. 

The Giz Wiz and the Sound Core


Episode 1715

Dickie D joins Leo to talk about The SoundCore Flare 2, the latest addition to feature 360° Sound with dual drivers and passive radiators combined to provide 20W of sound in all directions. Unlike earlier models, this one has light rings on the base and top to provide beat-driven lighting. (Your choice of six, via the app.) IPX7 Waterproof as you'll in this week's show. PartyCast Technology: Link over 100 Flare 2 portable Bluetooth speakers to a single device. You'll see that too in this week's show. 12-Hour Playtime and built-in mic for phone use.

What Phone Should I Get?

iPhone SE

Episode 1715

Elizabeth from Rancho Mirage, CA

Elizabeth calls in to talk about what new mobile phone to buy.  She's looking at the iPhone SE and Leo says it's an excellent choice for her. But she also heard Leo talk about Samsung's latest phone. Leo says that there are dozens of new phones out there now that could work, but Leo says that the iPhone SE is ideal for Elizabeth. It has the same processors and other features of the more expensive iPhone 11, but it's half the price.

My Mac Mini is Kernel Panciking. What can I do?

Mac Mini

Episode 1714

Dave from Burbank, CA

Dave is trying to update his MacMini with security updates for Mojave, but so far, they've been a disaster. Thunderbolt ports aren't reading his multiple monitors, causing him to reset his PRam. Now there's a new Mojave update and he's having mouse issues. Leo says that kernel panics are a sign of hardware issues. It could be a flakey power supply, a type-C port problem or badly soldered chip. It could be a driver issue, but it's usually indicative of hardware and that points to needing to call Apple.

Why is my Thinkpad so dark?

Lenovo X1 Carbon

Episode 1714

Megan from Summit, New Jersey

Megan got a Lenovo Thinkpad, but she's not thrilled with the video quality when she uses Microsoft Office. Leo suspects that when she bought the laptop, she chose the lower end LCD screen and as such, it's not as bright as she would like. Leo says to get one with a screen that is 300-500 "Nits" or brighter.

She is also having trouble logging into Office 365, though when she goes into Word, she's logged in. Leo says that Megan is using the Demo version (known as a "stub"). Uninstall that and download the Office 365 installer and reinstall it. That will solve the problem.

Where can I get a webcam?

Aukey Webcam

Episode 1714

Jake from Los Angeles, California

Jake wants to start his own online business. He wants to get into drop shipping, but also use his webcam to make a living. Leo says it's a great opportunity now due to the quarantine, and people are going to discover new ways to get the things they need. If you have the luxury of time right now, there's no time like the present and technology is at the eye of the storm.