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Should I Buy an M1 Mac?


Episode 1818

Henry from Prescott Valley, AZ

Henry is thinking about buying a new M1 Mac. Worth it? Leo likes them a lot. Great battery life, low power but high performing. The only question is, will a next-generation M1 chip be coming soon? Leo doesn't think there will be. Maybe an M1+ but not until next year, and even if there is, it won't be THAT much faster. So go for it. The M1 iMac has a gorgeous screen too. The only real negative is a smaller 24" screen. If Henry wants a larger screen, then it would pay to wait until at least September. 

How Can I Migrate My Old PC Apps & Data to a New PC?

action pack

Episode 1818

John from Leesberg, VA

John has an old computer running the latest version of Windows 10. But it's now starting to die out. He'd like to replace it with a new computer. Can he reinstall Windows 10 onto a new computer? Leo says no. He'll need a new version of Windows for that new computer. With Windows 10, Microsoft began tying the OS with the computer (called an entitlement). As such, when he gets a new computer, he needs to install a separate Windows 10 with its own product license.

Sam Abuelsamid and 600 Miles at Mach E

Sam Abuelsamid

Episode 1818

Sam joins Leo to talk about a recent experience he had going on a road trip with an electric vehicle: he got a Mustang Mach E and went on a 600-mile journey. Overall, it was a positive experience, Sam says. But there is the potential of a charging station being out of order without notice. And with there not being enough charging stations nationwide yet, it creates "range anxiety" for people traveling. If you can't recharge and don't have enough power to find the next charging station, you could be stuck.

The Giz Wiz ... Personally Cool

Episode 1817

This week's GizWiz Gadget is the Personal Cooling and Heating System.  Keep yourself cool under the heat of the summer sun with the Cooling Bottle and warm under the cold of the winter. Designed for portability, this hand-held device fits in most cup holders and runs on battery power. The fan draws in air, circulates it around the Ice and sends cool air out. Whether you use it at an outdoor sporting event, the beach or just in the comfort of your own home, this device is indispensable when the weather heats up!

Why Doesn't My 4K Smart TV Stream in 4K?


Episode 1817

Jose from Modesto, CA

Jorge has a 4K SmartTV, but when he streams YouTube on it, it's not in 4K. What gives? Leo says to make sure the YouTube app on the TV is capable of streaming in 4K. It's likely the app isn't 4K capable. What Leo recommends is to use the Roku 4K streaming device. Let it do the streaming. That way, the 4K processing will be handled by the Roku device. Also, YouTube TV charges $20 more a month for 4K streaming. So if he doesn't have that subscription, he won't be streaming in 4K. 

Why Can’t I Sync My Phone to My Ford?

2015 Ford Edge

Episode 1816

Robert from Kennebunk, ME

Robert has a 2015 Ford Edge and he's having issues syncing a new copy of his contacts on his phone to Ford Sync. Leo says that it should automatically. What you can do is go to Settings, phone settings, download, then download now. Check your manual as well, but sometimes the Android phones can become incompatible. So it may be that Android has broken the connectivity. You can also check with Ford for an update.

How Do I Get My Sound Back After a Windows Update?


Episode 1816

Carl from Tustin, CA

Carl recently updated to Windows 21H11, and it killed his sound. Leo says that there is a known issue with sound problems on the latest Windows update. If you delete the sound driver, reboot the machine, then reinstall the driver, that may solve the problem. Here's a link on HowtoFixWindows.com that could solve it. It has about 20 things to try.

Why Is My Fitbit So Inaccurate?

Fitbit Versa 3

Episode 1816

Robert from Beaumont, CA

Robert is having issues with his FitBit reading correctly. He hears that it may be due to his tattoos. Is that true? Leo says it is a known problem with people who have tattoos on their wrists. Tattoos can cause the red light used to read your blood flow and heart rate to be inaccurate. There's a ring, called the Aura, or the Motiv, that can not only do the same but also track your sleep. Not cheap at around $200, but it's an option.

Why Are There Streaks on My Laptop Screen?


Episode 1815

Frank from San Diego, CA

Frank's laptop screen has color streaks that go away over time. Leo says that's likely an indication of a failing ribbon cable. But it may also be a cold solder that has to warm up before there's a solid connection. It's probably on the motherboard, where the video card is. One way to test is to power down, and let it cool down. Then hold down the D key before powering up.  If he can see the streaks again, then it's definitely a hardware issue. Fortunately, if it's the ribbon cable, it's a cheap fix.