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Sam Abuelsamid and the Cool, but Dangerous Steering Yoke

Sam Abuelsamid

Episode 1767

Sam joins Leo to talk about Tesla's new design, which includes a "flight yoke" style steering wheel. Sam says it's almost certainly a problematic design that favors form over function. It forces drivers to abandoned 10 and 2 positions in favor of 9 and 3. And if you get into a sudden situation, there's nothing for you to grab for hand over hand steering. And that could cause an accident. There's also no steering stalk for turn signals or transmission. It's in favor of the car deciding what gear selection is. You can use a button on the touch screen to go in reverse.

Why Won't My Computer Boot Up?


Episode 1767

Larry from San Francisco, CA

Larry is having an issue where the computer he built is suddenly freezing up and not letting it reboot. So he's gotten into the habit of using a bootable backup. But now he can't get the computer to boot back up. Leo says that most problems like this can be solved by just reinstalling Windows from scratch and starting over. But if it's freezing during the boot, then it could be a host of things, including cabling. One key is to wait for the "beeps," or Power On Self Test (POST). If it beeps, that indicates an issue.  Also, pull out your dedicated video card and try rebooting.

The GizWiz and the Kold Soda


Episode 1766

Dickie D says that this week's gadget is an innovative solution to making your own SODA at home. ColdSnap was a 2021 Innovation Honoree in the Kitchen Gadgets category. It looks and functions like a larger version of a K cup machine except it dispenses a frozen treat in about 90 seconds. The pods have QR codes on top which tells the machine how to prepare the contents. But it's not cheap at $1,000.

Which PC is Good for Digital Nomad Life?


Episode 1766

Matt from Pasadena, CA

Matt is looking for a way to be a "digital nomad" moving around because of work. Leo recommends the HP Mini Desktop PCs.  The chatroom says the EliteDesk 705 Desktop Mini G5 is very reliable and comes with a Ryzen Pro processor. He can save money over a laptop and it's essentially just a box. Also, look at the Intel NUC and the Asus Mini, or Dell's Micro PCs. If he's going to be on the road, going with a smaller form factor makes a lot of sense. 

What Laptop Should I Get for Gaming and Live Streaming?


Episode 1766

Nichole from Laguna Nigel, CA

Nichole wants to know what's the best PC for gaming and live streaming via Twitch, as well as other video production. She has a budget of $2,000. If she wants to build a desktop, Leo says to go with an AMD Ryzen processor. She'll save money and they are screaming fast. She will also need a good graphics card and 32GB of RAM at least. The RTX 3060 is a good one that's available and affordable. Leo says to look at Razer Mice and Keyboards. She will also want a good high-resolution monitor. She can also check YouTube for how to build a good streaming rig.

Can I Use Solar to Power My RING Cameras?


Episode 1766

Abel from Fontana, CA

Abel bought a pair of Ring Spotlight cameras, and the wind triggers the camera constantly, killing the batteries. He's been looking at solar panels to power them. Leo says he'd need a panel pretty big to power them. But he could go hardwired with them. Doctor Mom uses solar panels for hers and she says he will need at least six hours of constant sunlight daily for it to work in normal weather situations. 

Another solution is to use Wyze cameras. Their outdoor camera starter bundle starts at $50. Their indoor cameras are around $20. 

Why's My Router/Modem Buffering When I Stream Music?


Episode 1766

Joe from Mission Viejo, CA

Joe tries to stream Pandora to a wireless speaker, but it breaks up during every other song. His carrier replaced his modem/router with a newer model. While the solution made it better, the problem still persists.

Leo says he doesn't have to use the carrier's modem/router on the network. He can buy his own. Leo says that he can save money that way as well, as it pays for itself. Leo recommends getting a DOCSIS 3.1 modem. Leo's favorite is the Netgear CM1000. 

What Router Should I Buy to Replace My Old Router?

ASUS Merlin

Episode 1766

JC from Sherman Oaks, CA

JC's Asus router is no longer supported by the company. What router should he buy? Leo says he doesn't really have to buy a new router. He can install DDWRT's firmware on it and then keep that router up to date. The chatroom recommends going to asus-wrtmerlin.net for a custom firmware for the Asus router.

But if he wants a new one, Leo recommends getting a mesh router, especially for a house as large as JC's (2500 sq ft). A base station and a beacon would be good. Leo's favorite is Eero.

Should I Get an M1 Mac or Wait for the Mac Pro?

M1 Apple Chip

Episode 1765

Mike from IRC Chat

Mike wants to know when the M1 MacPro will come out. Leo says that the latest rumor is that a new M1 Mac Pro won't arrive until 2022, giving pros plenty of time to consider whether to move from Intel to the M1 platform. Leo hears that the M1 Mac Pro will be smaller, maybe even half the size since it runs faster and cooler. Should Mike go with an M1 iMac? Leo says not until Spring.

Sam Abuelsamid and the Modular Origins

Sam Abuelsamid

Episode 1765

Sam joins Leo to talk about the GM Cruise Origin, a self-driving modular vehicle announced last year. It's a "robo taxi" developed by GM and Honda. It's designed specifically to be an autonomous taxi with no safety driver. Leo says it looks like a "Johnny Cab" from the film, Total Recall. Sam says it can also be adapted to be a delivery vehicle. An Amazon locker on wheels. Meanwhile, Microsoft has announced funding to become the Cruise cloud provider. All told, Microsoft, GM, Honda and others are investing more than $2 billion in development.