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Can I Install Linux On My Old iMac?


Episode 1725

Patrick from Fallbrook, WI

Patrick has an old 2008 iMac and he's looking to repurpose it. He wants to install a new SSD, more RAM, and try and get it up to Catalina. Leo says it's possible, but he says that High Sierra is good enough. Leo says to watch the videos at iFixIt.com on how to upgrade on an iMac to see if he's up for it, because it's challenging, including removing the LCD screen to get to it.

Should I wait to upgrade my iMac?

Apple Silicon

Episode 1724

Jim from San Clemente, CA

Jim has a 2009 iMac. He's thinking about buying a new one, or wait for the new Apple Silicon models? Leo says if you need it now, go get a new iMac. Leo doesn't think the Apple Silicon iMacs will be out for at least a year and Apple will be supporting Intel macs for "years to come." So there's no reason to wait.

Also, should you buy the first version of anything? You can get one next time around.

Is the Toyota Rav 4 Prime a good plugin hybrid?

2021 Toyota Rav4 Prime Plugin Hybrid

Episode 1724

Micah from Maine

Micah is interested in the Toyota Rav4 Prime Plugin Hybrid, which can go up to 40 miles before turning on the gas engine. What are Sam's thoughts? Sam Abuelsamid hasn't driven the Prime yet, but he has driven the Hybrid version that doesn't have a plugin feature and has a smaller battery. It can still go 42 miles and for most people, they will rarely use their gas engine driving around town. It's a lot like the Chevy Volt in that regard. Chevy data shows that 90% of all trips taken with the Volt didn't use a drop of gas.

The Giz Wiz gets Cranky


Episode 1723

This week's gadget is the 4000mAh-Solar Hand Crank Portable AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio with 1W Flashlight & Motion Sensor Reading Lamp,Cell Phone Charger, SOS Alarm for Home and Emergency・ listed on Amazon. Based on RunningSnail MD-090 crank radio and customer's feedback,  optimized and upgraded a lot of features in this MD-090P emergency weather radio. NOAA weather radio with 7 NOAA channels to get the latest weather and hazard information.

What Can I Do If My Apple ID Has Been Hacked?


Episode 1723

Leslie from Riverside, CA

Leslie thinks she's been hacked after she called Apple and gave them remote desktop control. Leo says that wasn't Apple. Leo suggests backing up her data and then wipe the computer completely. Do the same to the iPhone. Then create a new iCloud account and just start over. Leo would also recommend talking to her phone company about a new phone number. Ask them for a PIN number on the account. 

Can I Still Get a Landline Phone & Voicemail Machine For My Blind Mom?


Episode 1723

Mary from Torrance, CA

Mary's mother in law is almost totally blind and she's wanting to get a phone with big buttons and enough storage. It also needs a voicemail feature. Leo says that most of the time, carriers have voicemail service. Any phone with a keyboard will likely have a button dedicated to activating voicemail with a touch of a button.  But they don't want a cellphone, they want a landline phone with a built-in message machine.