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Apple's iPhone 13 Has Longer Battery Life, But ...


Episode 1829

Apple's new iPhone 13 is faster, has better graphics, an improved camera with macro, and even better battery life. But Leo says that while it's a great phone, should you rush out and buy one? Well, if you have an iPhone 12, it's not really necessary to buy one. But if you want all-day battery life and are ready to upgrade, then it's a good one to get.

Meanwhile, a new Apple Watch Series 7 was also announced with about 40% more screen real estate. But it has the same processor as the Series 6. When do you get it? No one knows.

Why Can’t I Drag Windows From One Monitor to Another?

HP 24-dp0140z AiO

Episode 1828

Pete from West Texas

Pete has an HP All in One with a second monitor. He wants to drag from one monitor to another but it won't work. Leo says that you need to be sure your screen driver is set to extended desktop, not mirrored. Leo says you may also have the monitors out of order in your display settings. So if you drag the opposite way, it may work fine. Easy fix though. Just rearrange the monitors in your display settings. Systems. Settings. Display.

Sam Abuelsamid and the New RoboTaxi

Sam Abuelsamid

Episode 1828

Sam joins Leo to talk about a new RoboTaxi service called Moovit being tested in Munich, GER using an auto-driven taxi by Neo called the ES8. Sam says that what's interesting is that the ES8 has "battery swapping," where the car's battery would be able to be swapped out by simply pulling into a station. The swap takes about three minutes and is fully automated. So EV drivers won't have to wait an hour to charge their battery. Sam says commercial fleets and taxis; battery swapping makes a lot of sense. But for a regular consumer, it's isn't really that practical. 

Why Can’t I Install Windows on an Old Linux Laptop?


Episode 1827

Kevin from Orange County, CA

Kevin is a Linux user and his hard drive is crashing when he tries to install Windows on his old laptop. Leo says to erase the drive completely. It's likely that the Linux boot manager has put something on the UEFI boot sector that's confusing the Windows installer. So formatting the hard drive completely to get rid of any boot manager should fix it. And Windows installer has its own partition manager to do just that. It's called the Windows Drive Manager. He can then recreate the partitions to make it work. The Windows installer may be corrupted as well.

The Giz Wiz and the Emergency Kit

 Giz Wiz

Episode 1827

In the event of an emergency power outage, the BioLite Solar Home 620 is a kit for keeping the lights on. Kit includes a 6-watt solar panel, mounting screws, the control box, three individual string lights with individual switches, including one with a motion sensor. The handsome control box includes a 20-watt hour rechargeable battery to store solar energy, 2 USB device charging ports, a digital display for feedback on power availability, and control for the built-in speaker. You can use the built-in FM radio or use the SD card reader to play your own MP3 music files.

Why Does It Cost More to Register an Electric Vehicle?

Nissan Leaf

Episode 1827

Joe from Dalton, GA

Joe has an electric vehicle, but he noticed that his license plate fees have gone way up. Leo says the rationale is that since he's not paying taxes buying gas, they have to make that up somewhere. So they raise the license plate fees. But over the long haul, he's still saying money over gas. Can he use a fast charger on his Nissan Leaf? Leo says he may not. They rely on Chattimo chargers.

Can I Use a Raspberry Pi to Remote Connect?

Raspberry Pi 4

Episode 1826

Clinton from Calgary, ALB CAN

Clinton wants to dump Windows, but he sometimes needs to use the remote desktop capability for work. Leo says you could use a Raspberry Pi 4 to run it, but you'll still need software to read the signals. Clinton connected to via the serial port, but what is the best OS to run on that Pi4? Leo says Raspian Linux will work great. And it can VNC and RDP for remote access, as well as serial to USB.