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How Can I Get My Printer to Work Again, After Updating Windows?


Episode 1779

Martha from Joshua Tree, CA

The latest March Windows update has killed her Kyocera printer. Microsoft says that her manufacturer needs to update their drivers, while Kyocera says that Microsoft needs to make it. Leo says that Martha is caught in the middle. Microsoft says that they are working on a fix, though, so hopefully, they will have it soon. Until then, there's a workaround.

Sam Abuelsamid and How Batteries Work

Sam Abuelsamid

Episode 1779

There were some big announcements in the Electric Vehicle battery world this week, where GM announced a partnership with a Lithium Metal battery startup. VW is investing in Quantum Scape batteries. So Sam wants to talk about batteries that power our EVs. How much energy an EV battery holds is its main challenge, and with every generation, the capacity or energy density doubles. But that capacity comes with a weight penalty. EV batteries weigh about 700 pounds. So everyone is working on how to increase battery storage while lowering the weight of the battery.

Why Can't I Install the Latest Windows Update?


Episode 1778

Jackie from Rome, NY

Jackie is trying to download and install the latest Windows update to her husband's Toshiba laptop. It won't. Leo says that the update isn't out yet, and it's possible that the computer she uses isn't ready for it, or it won't be supported. But it's only a feature update, not a security update. So it's nothing to be overly concerned about. But it's definitely time to look for a new one. Leo recommends Dell, HP, or Lenovo.

The Giz and Wiz and the Night Reader


Episode 1778

Dick's latest gadget is the strangely named Takkui Rechargeable LED Necklight. It offers 3 temperature light modes, yellow (3000K), warm white (4000K) and cool white (6000K). Plus each of those settings has a switch for 3 brightness levels. Choose a comfortable setting for reading, knitting, camping, repairing, crafts, etc. It's covered with a comfortable soft rubber, which the company says is sweatproof, bendable and strong so you can twist, or fold to create the perfect illumination for yourself.

What Mac should I Buy?

Mac air

Episode 1778

Scott from Orange County, CA

Scott's wife is going to take her Covid relief check to upgrade her laptop. What MacBook should she get? Leo says that in terms of performance, the iPad Pro is in the same class. But she could be limited in terms of software. So it depends. The three Apple M1 Macs all have the same processor running at the same speed. The MacPro has a fan, but the Air doesn't. That's really the only difference. But for portability, the Macbook Air will be an excellent choice. She can't beat the 20-hour battery life. HOWEVER, there is going to be a new Mac event coming in a few weeks.

What Is CUDA & Can I Use It With Linux?


Episode 1778

Franklin from Maui, HI

Franklin wants to know what CUDA is in a video card and can he use it with Linux? Leo says that CUDA is a performance codec that will help higher resolution video perform at various frame rates and resolutions. The key is to make sure he's using the proprietary NVIDIA drivers for the best results. If he's using Linux, though, it's possible he won't get CUDA support, especially with Linux drivers. He could also make sure that he has OpenCL drivers as well. 

Why Does My Dell Laptop Slow Down When I Plug It In?


Episode 1778

Max from Boca Raton, FL

Max has an issue with his Dell XPS 15 laptop, where if he's running off the AC adapter, it will slow down. He has to take out the battery and then put it back in to solve the problem. Leo says it could be because the computer thinks you want to charge the battery, but it can't. Dell has addressed it by coming out with a separate USB-C charger. 

Should I Buy or Lease an Electric Vehicle?

Ford Mustang Mach E

Episode 1777

Alex from Alpharetta, GA

Alex is thinking of getting an electric vehicle and wonders if leasing is a better idea than buying because of battery degradation. Leo says that it's hard to know just how long the batteries in e-vehicles will last. But Tesla has been around for ten years now, and early Teslas are still working fine. And with the market moving towards e-vehicles, the battery life is going to get even better. What about the environmental impact of those batteries? Leo says every car comes with that consideration.