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What can I do with an old laptop?

Asus ZenBook UX305

Episode 1653

David from Redondo Beach, CA

David collects old laptops, refreshes them with Q4OS Linux, and donates them to teachers. Leo says that Linux is very robust and secure, and what David is essentially doing is turning those old laptops into Chromebooks, which is something most teachers want because it's all they need. Leo thinks that's awesome and a great way to repurpose computers that are still good, but are just old.

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What baby monitor is the most secure?

Eufy Baby Monitor

Episode 1653

Darcy from Winnipeg, CAN

Darcy and his wife recently had a baby and he's looking for a good, and secure, baby monitor. Is there one that's really secure? Leo says that they are if the company keeps them up to date. Although RING took it on the chin with a hacker who hacked a Ring Camera in an 8-year-old's office, it turns out that this was due to a simple password that the mother had used with other devices. If you use a difficult password, then the RING Camera is a good option. Or, you can get a standard model that isn't internet-connected and is broadcast over a limited range.

Sam Abuelsamid ... dampened

Sam Abuelsamid

Episode 1653

Sam joins Leo to talk about shock absorbers, also known as dampeners today. Cars use hydraulic pistons to absorb the shock and movement of driving down the car, and they work in concert with springs to smooth out your drive. GM invented a process called MagnaRide Dampers, which are very popular now, and use magnetic particles suspended in oil, which alters the viscosity when needed. This means you can computer control and adjust the amount of shock the damper absorbs, improving your control — very cool technology. Many dealers offer them as an option.

What's an Affordable Option for Noise-Canceling Headphones?


Episode 1652

Ronnie from California

Ronnie would like to buy active noise-canceling headphones, but the Bose headphones are way too expensive. Is there a more affordable option? Leo says that there are far better options now that don't cost an arm and a leg. The WireCutter says that the Bose 700s are the best, but they are costly. Anker's Soundcore Life Q20 is around $40 right now. Audio Technica makes a good pair!

The Giz Wiz ... Ripped for the Holidays


Episode 1652

Back in the days of disco, Dickie D used to mix his own cassette tapes. Now he wants to digitize them for his computer, tablet, phones, etc. That's where this Cassette Player, Cassette Tape to MP3 Converter, Via USB Portable Cassette Tape Converter comes in handy.  Amazon adds: Captures MP3 Audio Music, with Headphones, Convert Walkman Tape Cassette Compatible with Mac / PC / Laptop. Here are some of the features via Amazon: Convert cassette tapes to MP3 Format.

How Can I Play Music To All My Rooms?


Episode 1652

David from Anaheim, CA

David wants to stream music to multiple rooms in his house. MultiRoom music is a challenge because it has to sync from room to room with no latency. But it is doable with Amazon Echo. He can get a dot in each room and add some speakers and it'll work. The Echo is smart enough that he can even command it to play in different rooms as well. The Amazon Echo Input connects to one's own speakers, and right now it's only $10.