Laptop or desktop computers and any components within.

How can I get rid of duplicate photos?

Gemini 2

Episode 1658

Rick from Torrance, CA

Rick has up to six copies of photos on his computer. How can he get rid of duplicates? Leo uses a "dedupe" program called Gemini 2, and it works on macOS and iOS. It's from MacPaw. It'll go through all your photos and figure out which image is a duplicate, which is an edited copy, and more. And for $20, it's worth it.

Rick also wants to know if he can turn an old laptop into a Chrome book. Leo says not strictly, but there is a company called NEVERWARE that has an app called CloudReady, which promises to turn your old laptop into a Chromebook. 

Is the Orcam worth getting for a blind reader?


Episode 1658

Robert from Mira Mesa, CA

Robert wants to help his uncle, who's blind, to read from his library of 6000 books. He's heard of the Orcam, which scans pages and reads them to you. Is it legit? Leo says that it looks promising, but it's very similar to the Google Glass technology. But since Orcam obscures the price unless you give them personal information, that makes him think it's very expensive. Amazon is selling them for $3250, however, But it could be covered under insurance, or help from the American Federation of the Blind.

The Giz Wiz ....One Take CES


Episode 1657

Dickie D joins Leo to talk about CES. Dick goes every year, and he loves to see the craziest gadgets, the ones that will never see the market.  One such device is the Wow Cube. 24 LCD screens that look like a Rubix Cube. $249. There's also the Ember Labs Wrist Watch that can cool or heat your body.  Then there's the WELT Smart Belt. It's a belt that will predict if you're going to fall and warn you. It also measures your daily activity. $250.

Are Smart Light Bulbs Secure?

Feit smart bulbs

Episode 1657

Kevin from San Diego, CA

Kevin bought some Feit smart bulbs from Costco. Leo says that LED light bulbs can be controlled by mobile phones. But he's concerned about security because they connect to his network. Leo says that's a concern with IoT devices. But if he can keep it up to date, he'll be fine. But the risk is there. He's also been using an Apple Airport. Leo says Apple isn't supporting the Airport anymore and he wants a WiFi 6 router. Leo recommends the TPLink Archer A7.

Why Can't I Install Chrome on My Laptop?


Episode 1657

Michelle from Garden Grove, CA

Michelle bought a new laptop running Windows 10 S mode, but she can't install Google Chrome.  Leo says that Windows S mode won't let her download and install third-party apps that aren't in the Microsoft app store. So she has to get out of S mode. She can turn it off, download Chrome, and then turn it back on. But keep in mind that Microsoft's new EDGE browser is based on the Chrome engine. So she could just use that. Turn off S mode and life will be much easier.

Is There a Faster Video Doorbell than Ring?


Episode 1657

Rachel from Springfield, Illinois

Rachel has a RING doorbell, and she doesn't like the latency of it. Leo says the Hello Doorbell is always on, but the drawback is, that it uses a lot of bandwidth. But the benefit of the RING is that it's battery-powered, and as such, it works even in a power outage. She can also get multiple chimes for around the house. From Scooter X in the chatroom - https://support.ring.com/hc/en-us/articles/360028023571-Rapid-Ring-App-Information


Can I Get a Good Deal on a Computer From Home Shopping Channel?


Episode 1657

Gloria from North Hollywood, California

Gloria wants to know if buying a computer on the home shopping channel is a good buy. Leo says that it's usually an older model that is underpowered and even may be discontinued. It's usually the same models seen at big box stores like Costco. If she can send it back, go to Costco instead. Gloria can save more for the same model. But Gloria got a good price that's within the price range for that model. She could even go to Dell.com and find out if she got a good deal, and maybe get a better price for a refurbished model. Is it secure? Leo says yes.