Laptop or desktop computers and any components within.

Why is Windows 10 taking so long to reboot after an update?

Windows 10 2004 Update

Episode 1704

Bill from Austin, TX

Bill just updated to Windows 10 vs. 2004, and now it takes a long time to boot up. Leo says that it seems to be a known issue with this update. Microsoft has a terrible track record with sufficiently testing updates in beta before it's released. But it could be some software is challenging the system and slowing it down. You could run the system file checker or the online cleanup option to see if it helps. Also, look in your device manager to see if there's any yellow "!" or red "x". Something may have broken. Leo also recommends updating firmware and drivers. 

How can I connect a switcher and a projector to an old laptop?

ATEM Mini Pro

Episode 1704

Steve from Winfield, West Virginia

Steve's church is doing live stream using the Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro. But he's having issues with the church's laptop, which is older keeping the stream going, while also powering a Powerpoint to project on the wall. Each will have different resolutions. Leo says that the projector is analog VGA, while the ATEM is HDMI out. The good news is that the ATEM has multiple HDMI ports. Leo suspects that the old laptop just has analog out.

How do I set up a webcam for video conferencing?

Logitech C920

Episode 1704

Fred from Columbia, MD

Fred has a friend who bought a Logitech webcam, but she can't get it to work. How can she set it up? Leo says the camera has no software to install, so the computer should see it as a webcam automatically. Then whatever video conferencing software you use will pick it up. If it's Zoom, click on the icon in the top right corner and go into the settings to make sure the camera is enabled. Skype will be audio and video settings.

Sam Abuelsamid ... Plugged in

Sam Abuelsamid

Episode 1704

Sam joins Leo to talk about Ford's new Escape Plugin Hybrid, which charges batteries, as well as runs on gas.  The Escape is a crossover hybrid that merges passenger cars and SUVs. The Escape Hybrid has 10 times the battery life as a standard hybrid with 14kw hours. The fuel economy estimates on the Ford Escape Plugin Hybrid came out this week. The Escape can go 37 miles before the engine kicks in to recharge the battery. That's the equivalent to 100 mpg. The Toyota Rav4 Hybrid will go even further at 40-42 miles before kicking in the gas engine.

The Giz Wiz gets Screwy


Episode 1703

Dickie D saw something on Amazon he had to have for repairing his glasses. The Perfect repair kit. It comes with 6 different sized precision magnetic eyeglass screwdrivers, a 1000 pieces of eyeglasses screws, nuts, and both metal and plastic washers. There's even a multi-function micro screwdriver that can fit on a keychain, tweezers, and a glasses cleaning cloth. This kit is good eyeglass and sunglasses repair and most likely for other things like electronic, computer, and jewelry repair, or fixing anything with micro screws.

How Can I Connect My iPad to a Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse?

Lightning Digital AV Adapter

Episode 1703

Ed from Fort Wayne, IN

Ed wants to know if he can connect his iPad or iPhone to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Leo says he can get a lightning to HDMI adapter, and a lightning to digital AV adapter. He can then connect them that way, but the screen aspect ratio won't really fit the screen. But its an interesting idea. Samsung actually played with the idea with their Samsung DEX. 

How Can I Connect an Atari to My TV?


Episode 1703

Jim from Conroe, TX

Jim wants to know if he can use his old Atari gaming console with his new TV. Leo says there are ways to do it, but he will need a "composite" adapter to do it. Most modern TVs don't have composite inputs anymore. Those are the red, white, and yellow connectors. You may also need an antenna adapter. Jim will need to get a composite to a digital connector which may actually cost more than that old Atari game is worth. But he can get one from Monoprice for under $20. Don't expect great video though. 

Can I Use a VR Headset for Regular Computing?

Acer PM16IQ portable monitor. 

Episode 1703

Mint from Ashton, Idaho

Tim is starting to travel again with his trailer, and he wants to have a computer system. Would a virtual reality setup be good for traveling? Leo says not really. VR is really for gaming and maybe watching videos. Since his eyes are inches from a screen, he'll have a lot of trouble reading text. That's why Leo recommends a tablet. They can be a good option for a second screen.