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The Giz Wiz ... massaged


Episode 1821

It's August and that means it's back to school! The Swissdigital Design massaging backpack has plenty of pockets for laptop, tablet, cellphones, books, water bottle, hand sanitizer, mask, and other essentials. A built-in USB power port allows you to charge on the go. A front of the backpack power connection lets you power up vital accessories without having to open any of the 14 pockets. (You use  your own  battery bank, none are included.) The backpack body materials are made from water resistance coating to keep valuable items inside dry.

Should I Max Out RAM on a New iMac?

M1 iMac

Episode 1821

Chris from Miami, FL

Chris is looking to buy the new iMac and wants to know if he should go 16GB RAM and 1TB storage to future proof his M1 iMac. Leo says it depends. While ideally, he doesn't really need to have 16GB. Apple has really streamlined the RAM use so 8GB is optimum. But if he's doing heavy apps like video editing, etc. 16GB may be a good idea. But if not, then 8GB is fine. Definitely go for the 1TB drive though. But Leo suspects that Apple may be putting out a larger iMac later this year. There's talk of a 32" screen. So if he wants to wait a few months, it's probably worth it.

Is C. Crane a Good Company For WiFi Radios?

 C. Crane

Episode 1821

Micah from Maine

Micah recently got a new WiFi radio from C. Crane that uses the new backend called SkyTune. And the good news is, that should SkyTune go out of business as Receiva did, he will still be able to manually input the radio station URL. Leo says that one of the things he likes about C. Crane is that they will stand behind their products, even when something happens that is out of their control. But sometimes, he runs into a problem where the stream won't work because the URL doesn't end in mp3 or m3u.

Why Won't macOS Let Me Scan a Document?


Episode 1821

Billy from San Diego, CA

Billy has suddenly been having issues with his printer/scanner since the latest macOS Big Sur update. Basically, he gets an error that he doesn't have permission to run the app. Leo says that's Apple's new Gatekeeper security feature that will only allow him to run apps only from the App Store or approved by Apple. There is a workaround though until Apple puts out a fix. Here are the steps:

Elon Musk Announces Humanoid Robots the Future of Construction

Tesla Bot

Episode 1821

This week, Elon Musk tweeted a picture of a humanoid-looking robot, that he says Tesla will be building starting next year, with the eye towards using them for constructing his Boring Company hyperloop tunnels. Leo isn't so sure that will happen. Although Boston Dynamics has been working for ten years on a robot that can now practically run like a parkour athlete, this kind of sophistication takes time. So we won't be seeing robots on construction sites any time soon. And he doesn't think we're on the verge of Cylons either.

Why Is My Cursor Moving From Right to Left When I Type?

Text Cursor

Episode 1820

Steve from Costa Mesa, CA

Steve got an old hand-me-down laptop, and he can't log into it with the password. Then he realized that the password was reversed because the monitor was actually "backward." Leo says that some regions in the world read right to the left. What likely happened is that a keyboard shortcut was used (CTRL right shift), which changed the keyboard orientation. It's really easy to do and it makes the text orientation move from right to left.

So, going with CTRL left shift will move it back to "normal" (English/US region). 

Why Is It Hard to Read Fonts on My iMac?

iMac 27"

Episode 1820

Chuck from Thousand Oaks, CA

Chuck has a 5-year-old iMac, and the hard drive has crashed. He replaced it, and now he's having issues with the second external monitor. Leo says that the cable adapter may have caused issues. So changing the cable may solve the issue. But it could also be a problem with your system preferences.  Look for "smooth LCD fonts where available." There was also a change in BigSur that may be impacting how your fonts are seen.