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How Do I Use My New Tablet?

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+

Episode 1798

Kyle from Carson, CA

Sam recently got a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ tablet, but he doesn't know how to turn it on. Leo says first thing is to make sure the tablet gets charged up. It'll take a few hours. Then on the edge of the tablet will be a power button. Press and hold the button for a few seconds until the logo appears. That will turn it on. There will also be a rocker button for volume control. It should also have a stylus.

Lackluster Google I/O Offers Lots of Features, Few Products


Episode 1798

From Google Photo's Patterns to Fitbit returning under Google Wear, this year's Google I/O wasn't really much to talk about. But Project Starline has some promise. It's a 3D technology where you don't have to wear special glasses. It uses a special light field projector that essentially creates a 3D version of someone on the other side, It promises to make it look like the person you're talking to is right there beside you.

What's a Good Outdoor Camera for Streaming?

Toana's Adventure

Episode 1798

Matt from Torrance, CA

Matt wants to get cameras so his wife can stream their backyard animal activity. Many of the cameras he's looking at only stream when there's movement. Leo says that is because they are solely battery-powered. What he will need is a camera that he can plug in and stream continuously, and connect via WiFi. But just remember that's going to impact the overall bandwidth. Leo recommends NEST Cams. But there's also Wyze Cams, which are very affordable. Focus on outdoor-only cameras, unless he can build a small shelter for the camera itself. 

What Computer Should I Buy for a Family Member?


Episode 1798

Frank from San Diego, CA

Frank wants to get a laptop for his brother, who lives in Ukraine. Leo says that 8GB RAM is the minimum for a Windows 10 PC, but Leo says he should double that. RAM is different from hard drive storage. Get as much as he can afford, but 128GB is the minimum for a hard drive, 256GB is even better.
An SSD is best. Frank has a budget of $300. Leo says that's going to limit Frank's choices, so if he can go higher, the better.

Another option is a Chromebook. Less expensive, so he can get more bang for the buck, and if his brother's work is mostly online, that would be ideal.

Can I Make Money Out of Crypto Mining?


Episode 1797

David from Culver City, CA

David is looking to get into cryto currency mining. Leo says that it's largely not economical to mine bitcoin because of the amount of electricity you need at this point. But other currencies like Helium, Dogecoin, and Etherium are more economical. It also costs to get into it, because you have to invest in the equipment. So don't expect to get rich off it. At least not in the short term. Don't think you can get rich quickly. But then again, nobody thought that Bitcoin was going to be as huge as it is.

What Chromebook Should I Buy?

Acer Chromebook Spin 13

Episode 1797

Linda from Bowling Green, MO

Linda is looking to get a Chromebook to replace an old Lenovo laptop. Her budget is around $300. But remember that when you have a budget that low, you tend to sacrifice performance. But if you don't mind that, Leo says that Lenovo has a few models in that range. There's also the Acer Spin, which is a nice one that Leo likes. And can she transfer her data to the new Chromebook? Leo says that Chromebooks store everything in the cloud, so you can easily backup all your data to Google Drive and Google Photos for stills. 

Can I Watch Live TV on My New iMac?

Blue 24" iMac

Episode 1797

Lotta Money from Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Lotta just bought a new baby blue M1 iMac. It's his first Mac. Leo says that the learning curve isn't too bad. It's mostly things that just look slightly different to do. Can he watch live TV on his iMac using the Hauppauge WinTV? Leo says that it should. But it may be that there isn't Mac compatible software. So Lotta will have to get a mac compatible tuner. The ElGato/GeniaTech EyeTV is one. It's about $100. 

Sam Abuelsamid: Hands Free

Sam Abuelsamid

Episode 1797

Sam is back to talk about hands-free driving technology and the regulations that may be in the way of its development. The process of creating an autopilot has been an evolution as car manufacturers and government regulators seek to figure out the safest way to do it. Elon Musk complains that regulations are in the way, but they are there for safety purposes. But now Europe has put forth regulations for level 3 systems designed to make the development of hands-free steering more harmonious.

Why Does My Computer Slow Down When I Copy Files?

Solid State Drive

Episode 1797

Timmy from Oak Hills, CA

Timmy has two upgraded Windows 10 laptops, and when he tries to move files around, the computers will slow down and ultimately crash. Leo says that Operating Systems have an index of all your files, and it could be that the indexes on both computers are corrupted. The indexes will need to be rebuilt. Click on the Windows key and type Indexing options. Select the rebuild option. It will take a while, so it's best to do it before you go to bed. Also, make sure the folders that Timmy is trying to move haven't been excluded. There's a button and listing for that.

Why Can't I Put an M.2 Drive in My Laptop?

Predator Helios

Episode 1796

John from San Clemente, CA

John recently added an M.2 drive and adapter to his daughter's computer, but the computer doesn't recognize it. Leo says it's probably not formatted. Go into the Windows installer, then Options, and select the disk partitioner. If he can't see it there, then there's a problem with it. The key is to get a SATA drive. He can get M.2 SATA drives, but he may as well use an SSD drive at that point.